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My friend F-K from fkregieblog came back with another glowing review. This time for Focus, my Second novel. I’m on cloud nine that the love is still strong for the main series. But more than that, the depth of understanding that F-K shows in the underlying themes is almost uncanny.

Here’s the reviews for Just Breathe, Zoe, and Dream Spell. Read on for an in-depth review.

**Spoilers ahead, read at your own peril!**



Author’s note: there are spoilers in this review.

In Sarah Doughty’s Focus all hell is (metaphorically and literally) let loose. This is not your typical novel, due mainly to how the story is told – it is nobody’s tale as several narrators tell it. This is not your typical novel because the first-person (omniscient) narrators have more than one level of point-of-view (POV) in the observation of self and situations. This is not your typical novel because Sarah Doughty is more than a narrator, she is a great storyteller – period. Usually, narration is a clinical and dry way of stating a series of events – a flow of events connected to a theme. Usually, narration is a method and means of constructing the events of a story into a plot, which concerns itself with the sequence of the events, the medium on which they are told, and the way…

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10 thoughts on “Focus – Review

    1. Aw thank you! 😊 😊 my books are free, so they aren’t on Amazon. However, you can download mobi files for a kindle through Smashwords. Other online retailers carry my books as well. Also, Focus is my second novel, and part of a series. I did write then to be read as standalones if necessary, but to have the full effect, I would suggest starting with Just Breathe. 😊

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  1. Only in HS and malappropriate college courses is there such a thing as an omniscient narrator. Think about it…we ares writing the story so we already know everything there is to know so…what’s important is VOICE. Multiple narrators is nothing new; HOWEVER, in today’s genre run market with “journalistic” writing style (make me puke!) it is new. So, it’s voice and language use (most writers just throw something up assuming/believing that language is language when, in fact, it is not. Like…how many different ways are there to say “walk” and what does each imply? — minna’n jim

    03.08.2016, 14:44, “Heartstring Eulogies” : > thesarahdoughty posted: ” ” > >


    1. I think F-K meant that the way the narrators are presented is more of an omniscient perspective. The narrative is actually in first person, it just shifts between people as the book progresses. But overall, it paints a better picture than only one character could provide from their limited perspective. And it’s definitely not a journalistic style.


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