“It’s easy to hide behind a mask.
A façade of joy when all you feel is emptiness.”

Shadows and light, just like depression and happiness — you cannot have one and appreciate — or dare I say understand them for what they are without having experience with the other.

This is why hope is so important. You can never know how someone truly feels. However dark or light, it’s easy to hide behind a mask. A façade of joy when all you feel is emptiness. With some hope in the form of a person who cares can mean the difference between life and death.

© Sarah Doughty

Show someone you care today.


A Safe Place To Rest

“You showed me that my heart
had a safe place to rest. With you.”

If only I was brave enough. To not let all the what ifs and obstacles stand in my way. To follow my heart, no matter the outcome. To not let my own walls stop me from breaking through. I suppose that’s my only regret. The not knowing. Not knowing what was in front of me, waiting the whole time. Not knowing what would happen if I lost someone that meant so much to me. But slowly, you showed me that my fears didn’t need to be shackles. You turned out to be right. You showed me that love can overcome any obstacle. You showed me that no matter what, you were here for me. That I was strong enough to face my fears. That I was enough to be loved by you. And that no matter what, I am enough.

© Sarah Doughty

Thank you for staying with me
and giving my heart
a safe place to rest.


Phases And Fortunes

“I am capable. I am strong.
And I can outlast this darkness.”

This heart of mine is weak and weary. Carrying the weight of yesteryear. And I am trapped, unable to release the shackles pulling me down. My only beacon of hope is far off in the distance. Perhaps it’s only a mirage. But I cannot allow myself to admit defeat. I cannot let that weight placed upon me all those years ago to overpower me. For I am capable. I am strong. And I can outlast this phase of overwhelming darkness.

Because that’s all it is. Just a phase.

© Sarah Doughty

Regression to the mean is a common statistical and Buddhist phrase. When it comes to life, if the scales are tipped to the negatives, life will improve. Conversely, if there’s too much good fortune, it will worsen. But it will always come back to the center. Remember that during your worst days. They will get better.


Through The Dark

“I’ll keep trying to find my way through the dark.
Find my way back to you.”

Peace is something I’ve been searching for. Sometimes I find it, but it’s always fleeting. Perhaps it’s just me, but it feels as though I’m stuck on a turntable, unable to find my way back to where I need to be. Maybe one day, I’ll find that solace again. But until then, I’ll keep trying to find my way through the dark. Find my way back to you.

© Sarah Doughty

Because I know, sooner
or later, I’ll get through it.


Caged And Free

“But my love, you aren’t trapped in a cage.
Don’t you see that glass ceiling is meant to be broken?”

But my love, you aren’t trapped in a cage. Don’t you see that glass ceiling is meant to be broken? That you’re meant to rise beyond them and fly free once again? That it’s just a façade trying to keep you caged? Dare to break free, all you have to do is spread your wings and fly.

So, won’t you come with me and soar across the sky?

© Sarah Doughty

Just take my hand.


Can You See

“Can you see it too?
How much I love you and all you are.”

Can you see it too? The sparkling lights overhead. The colors flying around like bioluminescent fireflies. The music dancing through the air. The smile in your eyes. The awe in your smile. The unbridled joy in your cheeks as you blush. Can you see it too? How you move me. How you move everyone and everything around you. How you envision our future together. How much I love you and all you are. How your dreams are mine, no matter what they are. And my love, I’ll happily spend my life trying to make each one come true.

© Sarah Doughty

Because you’re worth it.
You are always worth it.

Earthen Witch, Flash and Micro Fiction, Poetry

Excerpt — Grief And Home

“Being held by him gave me a sense of peace.
His arms were home.”

Grief overwhelmed me and my arms moved inside his coat and wrapped around his waist. All I could do was hug him while I sobbed. After an instant of hesitation, he wrapped his arms around my shoulders. He smelled like wood smoke and it was home.

© Sarah Doughty

A little something from Just Breathe.



“And with these reveries, I have hope.
Because I have you.”

I was lost in my own daydreams, floating above the clouds, knowing I would eventually open my eyes and come crashing down to the ground. With no parachute to help slow my descent, I knew the fall would be my end. So I kept dreaming. I kept going. And with these reveries, I have hope. I have risen. And I am still flying. But the best part? It hasn’t been the dreaming itself. It’s been you. By my side. Chasing our dreams together.

© Sarah Doughty

Don’t stop chasing your dreams.


Memories With Gravity

“All that remains of us is a relic.
A memory where gravity still exists.”

Don’t you see? We are nothing more than a blackened solar system. A set of dead stars. What was once a place full of warmth and light — with planets, moons, and gravity holding us together — all that remains is a relic. A memory. A place where the gravity still exists, but once the light fizzled out into nothing, it left no warmth. A deep, undying bitter cold. An infinite darkness. And no beauty to see except what twinkled off in the distance.

That was how I felt — how empty, how cold and dark with that gravity of us still spinning around in the pit of my stomach — that was how it felt when you left.

© Sarah Doughty

That was how it felt to be alone.


Just As You Are

“There’s no reason you should hide who you are.
You are beautifully flawed.”

Oh, my love, don’t you see that there’s no reason you should hide who you are. The wild understands you for who you are. Just as you are. You are beautifully flawed. You are perfect. Just as you are.

© Sarah Doughty

Just as you are.