Other Books And Credits

Below is a collection of books
where I have donated my writing,
or assisted in other ways.


From Andrews McMeel:
Crown Anthology
 is a collective,
featuring one hundred top poets
from the Instagram community.
I was honored to be included
and donated a piece,

which will never be published elsewhere.
Now available worldwide, here.

From Penguin Poetry NYC:
Yellow is a collective of sixty-six
unique voices from across the world,
each sharing a piece of themselves.
I was honored to be invited
to write the Forward, Dedication,
and donate a piece.

From Sudden Denouement Publishing:
Anthology Volume I: Writings from the Sudden Denouement Literary Collective
is a collective anthology
featuring twenty-nine writers.
I was honored to be included
and have donated four pieces
(one of which will never be published elsewhere).
The proceeds of this book will go towards
the publication of more memorable books.
This book released at #1 in Amazon’s
Poetry Anthologies.

is an anthology from @ByMePoetry on Instagram,
(a collective of regional accounts)
featuring two hundred of Instagram’s best poets.
It was an honor to be asked to donate a piece,
which will never be published elsewhere.

Poetry Contributions

wild is she
by wilder
I was honored to be included

in the collaborative section
titled: Conversations In the Sky.

wild is she is a poetic collection of imagery and words joined together
to tell a story of beauty and diversity, discovering the wild and unknown.
in celebration of the imperfect, charming & peculiar, wilder explores
the art of adventure and leaves it to be found in the palms of your hands.

Swear To Me
by Nicholas Gagnier
is a poetry collection featuring
a large collaboration
of which I proudly donated my portion.

From Nicholas Gagnier and Free Verse Revolution, this follow-up to 2013’s Ground Zero once again uses poetry to examine the pitfalls of mental illness and depression. Whereas we were once trying to write our way to a better world, these days we write just to survive the one we inhabit. Featuring twenty-two writers from all different walks of life, Swear to Me is a story about letting go and giving up ideals any grander than necessary, just to quell the anxiety of living with our ghosts another day.

Book Covers, Editing, & Other Credits

It was a pleasure to donate my time
to bring these books to life.

Between My Bleeding Lines
by R. C. Gonzales
It was a pleasure to create this cover.
I also edited the manuscript.

Between My Bleeding Lines is a collection of 100 free verse poems about love and loss and finding yourself in the process. The art of loving, the pain of losing, and the beauty of healing are shown in the book’s three chapters: For Granted, Forgotten and Forbearer.

Find out more about R. C. Gonzales here.

The Ship Of The Starved: The Last Voyage Of The Blessed Mary
(now a part of The Raven Redux And Other Poems)
by Alexander Bentley
It was a pleasure to create this cover.
I also edited the manuscript.

What happened on the ship is detailed in a horrifying letter that one passenger — a young adventurous man — was able to drop into a bottle and toss in the ocean.

A Poet’s Manifesto
by Alexander Bentley
I edited the manuscript.

The author and poet describes his theory on composing poems, their mental benefits, and the persuasion of everyday language.

The Raven Redux And Other Poems
by Alexander Bentley
It was a pleasure to both
edit this manuscript
and write the Forward.

A bone-chilling foray into modern romanticism with a gothic twist. The Raven Redux and Other Poems is a collection of dark poetry.

Find out more about Alexander Bentley here.

I wrote, edited, and assisted in creating
the covers for all of my books through 2016.
Second editions of Earthen Witch are coming soon,
which include slight editing
and all new covers created by me.

Sneak peek at the new covers: