Universal Echoes is my upcoming
full-length poetry book.
More information coming soon.


The Silence Between Moonbeams
is my first chapbook,
containing over fifty poems
surrounding the cosmos.

The Silence Between Moonbeams is about life — not always romantic, and not always easy, but often beautiful.

Everything is a product of the universe, the one thing about life we all share. It binds us together not only on a cellular level, but it’s also quintessential to the human condition. Thoughts, feelings, triumphs, love, loss, and much more are covered throughout these pages.

Discover what it feels like to live.

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Here’s what others are saying:

Five Stars!

Sarah Doughty needs to write. She has reasons of her own, which she shares with you in the introduction of her satisfying chapbook, “The Silence Between Moonbeams”. But then, after matter-of-factly dropping quite the bombshell, she proceeds to write about something entirely else. “The Silence Between Moonbeams” is above all a book about love. Not the mushy rhyming teenage type, nor the jaded modern love of the digital age. Her short poems and prose interludes are about the pure love between souls.

The chapbook proceeds through a series of succinct blank verse poems of an astronomical or cosmological stripe, punctuated by essays of paragraph length that complement and sum up the recent poems, then move the reader on to the next cycle.

At this point, you may be thinking to yourself that the literary device of love and the night sky is one of the oldest there is. That may be true, but the night sky, in Ms. Doughty’s chapbook as in real life, is defined by the points of light within it, not by the pervading blackness that is actually nearly the night sky in its totality. The human eye, mind, and soul are drawn to the little specks of light to the point that the darkness isn’t noticed. The author lightly and quickly touches on the themes, and then leaves the reader room to absorb what was just written. The effect is nearly a negative of the night sky the chapbook so frequently refers to; a predominantly white space with a few dark spots that draw the eyes.

This chapbook discusses a deeply intimate relationship in a way that would not cause even the primmest to blush, in a way that does not make the reader feel as if they are intruding at all. However, in a gracious effort to welcome the reader, Ms. Doughty addresses her audience directly in “Shining Star”. After delivering the most chaste yet refreshing kiss upon the cheek of her audience, she returns to her theme and takes us all to the logical end, the silence between moonbeams. — Anonymous (submitted via Google Forms)

Five Stars!

This chapbook is too captivating, and its healing power is just miraculous. I recommend this book to all of you. All of you. Especially those of us who are struggling with certain monsters from our pasts, skeletons reluctant to leave our closets, this is for you. It’s liberating. I’m in love. — S.W. William (submitted via Google Forms)

Five Stars!

“Loved each word! Sarah has got an exceptional talent. Her words give you chill! Sometimes they moist your eyes and at others, you close the screen and ponder over her words for hours. Beautifully written.” — Anonymous (submitted via Google Forms)

Five Stars!

“I simply loved every word of this chapbook!” — Anonymous (submitted via Google Forms)

Five Stars!

“I love it ♥♥♥” — Anonymous (submitted via Google Forms)