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Dream Spell – Review

It was a pleasant surprise to see that my friend over at fkregieblog read Dream Spell. Not only did he really enjoy it, but he’s back with another phenomenal review. It’s presented like a college essay, with quotes and even page citations to back up what he’s saying. I’m honored that he continues to enjoy my books and only hope that continues with Just Breathe, Focus, and Home.

**Read on at your own peril, because there are spoilers ahead.**

Dream Spell

My very first creative writing lecturer, Nurrudin Farah, once told me, “a good short story needs a good hook.” My fertile imagination at the time conjured up two images – that of punching your readers into some kind of blissful literary drunkenness or reeling them in like a good pike piranha. Imagination aside, whatever you […]

via Sarah Doughty’s Dream Spell – Review — fkregieblog

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