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Just Breathe – Review

My friend F-K from fkregieblog came back with another glowing review. This time for Just Breathe, my first novel. I’m on cloud nine that the love has continued into the main series. But more than that, the depth of understanding that F-K shows in the underlying themes is almost uncanny. To see the reviews of Zoe and Dream Spell, click here and here. Read on for an in-depth review.

**Spoilers ahead, read at your own peril!**

final cover


I treated Sarah Doughty’s Just Breathe the way I treat any book that holds my fascination – if books could speak the Holy Bible and Webster’s Advanced Dictionary wouldn’t want me near them. First, I read the novel three times, put it down for a couple of days, returned to it, reread it, put it down again, and returned to it today, reread it, and now I am ready to review it. I do this when I want to carry a book around in my head, as a source of reference – this novel is that good. Plus, after what I have put it through in one week I didn’t feel the book wanted me near it – I feel Sarah Doughty’s novel needs to just breathe.

What fascinates me about the novel is Doughty’s knowledge of witches. Through my second reading I realized this has to be some sort…

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