Q&A Sessions

In an effort to provide more insight into who I am and what I do, I began a series of Q&A posts. For easy access, below are links to all the questions I’ve answered so far. This way, you can refer back to any question or catch up on any you’ve missed at any time. 

The Muse

How does it feel when your muse
runs his fingers through your hair,
resting his palms bare on your crown?


Where do you find inspiration
for all your stories and prose?
Is it all based on personal experience?

The Process

What’s the creative process look like
when you sit down to write a new story, book, or poem?

Writerly Evolution

How did you write your first published novel
and what, if anything, has changed since then?

Manuscript Failures

How many unpublished drafts
and unfinished manuscripts do you have?
Did the process of writing these
differ from your published books?

Manuscript Timelines

How long does it take you to write a book?
What about your first published novel?


What is an ideal reader and who is yours?
Do you write original tales or
cater to the wants of readers?

Establishing Mystery

How do you tackle the divide
between making readers fill the blanks
and revealing the mystery?

Easter Eggs

How do you weave Easter Eggs into your books?
Is it a form of foreshadowing for you?

Artistic Process

What is your artistic process?
Does anything impede that?

A Day In The Life

How many hours a day do you write?
What does a typical day of writing
look like to you?

Plot or Characters

Does the plot come first,
or is it the characters?