“I didn’t know who I would be.
But I think I know now.
I was meant to survive.”

Sometimes I think my body was soaked in kerosene at such a young age. It was as if I never knew fire until one little spark set my skin ablaze. Maybe it was like a chrysalis. Protecting me, waiting for me to become. For the longest time, I didn’t know that would be. But I think I know now. I think I was meant to survive. I was meant to r e m e m b e r. I was meant to burn away and rise as someone new. Someone wiser. Someone broken, but fighting. Maybe I was meant to help others navigate through their own destruction. Maybe I was meant to save myself, too.

© Sarah Doughty

Maybe, it was meant
to help me find my path.

This was written for day three
of November Notes.
Embody Me
by Novo Amor

12 thoughts on “Kerosene

      1. Absolutely; And thank you for writing the perfect poem to embody how I feel since coming out in public “under the red umbrella” —- It feels like putting our fire with gasoline —— and your poem somehow made that ok. I’m so grateful I am able to repost your piece.

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