“These moments
remind me
of you and
every moment
our lips touched.”

I feel the cold raindrops on my warm skin, lightning flashing in the sky and thunder crackling in the wind, sending a current through my senses. These moments remind me of you and every moment our lips touched.

© Sarah Doughty


“We all
see more
in ourselves
than we do
in others.”

I know, because I do the same thing to myself. My inner critic is always there, whispering in a low voice. It always knows what to say, where to strike where it will hurt the worst. But, instead of giving in, I choose to ignore it whenever possible.

© Sarah Doughty

Scythe – Moon Ate the Dark Challenge

My piece, “Scythe” was submitted to the Brave and Reckless blog’s Moon Ate The Dark challenge.

Brave and Reckless

The night was black, void of all stars, and not even the glow of the moon cut through it like a blue-tipped blade, devouring that obsidian nothingness like it’s next meal. That silence, where only my thoughts, breaths, and beating heart kept me company, wasn’t enough to tame that lingering sense of desperation. It ate away at me. Each second feeling like hours, and hours feeling like days, until I’d lost all sense of time. I’d never felt more alone. But after what felt like an eternity of nothing, when the last of my sanity began to slip away, the clouds parted, revealing the moon. It shone like a beacon in the abyss, and at long last, I was no longer alone.

© Sarah Doughty (or whatever signature you’d like to use)

Sarah Doughty is the tingling wonder-voice behind Heartstring Eulogies. She’s also the author of The Silence Between Moonbeams, her poetry…

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Fearful Symmetry

allowing myself
to fail, or to give up,
is admitting defeat.
Laying down
and saying,
‘You win.'”

Fears are normal, especially when you’re creating something. There will always be those fears, there will always be doubts. When I started writing, I was so scared that no one would like my words, or understand where I’ve been and where I’m going, but that’s not the case, is it? I followed the practice of “Fake it till you make it,” and in the time since I’ve started, those fears are less potent. There are times I’m down because I can’t always do what I feel I need to do, or I feel I’ve somehow come up short. But I keep going. Somehow, allowing myself to fail, or to give up, is admitting defeat. Laying down and saying, “You win.” But, if I do, it will be giving power back to the man that took my childhood from me and even after his death, still haunts me. Whatever reason you want to make art, you do it from the heart, you do it because you must. You’re incomplete without it. And, the longer you deny yourself that release, the worse you will feel. Listen to those whispers that tell you to create, and fake it through your fear until you no longer feel so paralyzed by it.

© Sarah Doughty

Review: Watercolor Words

This was originally shared as an exclusive sneak peak in the second poetry issue of Mailbox Eulogies a week ago. To join, click here.

I purchased this book at a signing and Topher Kearby was both kind and considerate to me and my family. I read the book that night and I really enjoyed the mix of typed poems, art, and poetry. Most of the poems resonated with me and I felt a deep connection with them. His unique way of expressing himself through his art is unlike anything I’ve seen before and I’m lucky to be a part of it.

5/5 Stars

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© Sarah Doughty

Stay Bright

“Dearest one,
this façade
you’ve built
doesn’t fool me.”

I see the pain in your heart, the cracks in your soul. I see the light dimming in your eyes, while the rest of the world is too blind to see the truth. If I could count your tears and replace every one with something beautiful, would you see how much this world needs your light?

© Sarah Doughty