All A Dream


“I’m still here. Trying.
And I think maybe
that former life of mine
was just a dream.”

It was a crisis of life, you see. Because what could be more impactful than that? One day, everything changed. It was like a storm rolled through and wiped everything away, leaving behind rubble and ruin. It’s been so long now, that even though we’ve attempted to rebuild what was lost, I’m still here. Trying. I think maybe I’ve even lost my ability to smile the way I used to. With abandon. Unguarded. Maybe. Just maybe. That former life of mine was just a dream.

© Sarah Doughty

Maybe it was all a dream.

This was written for day two
of November Notes.
Losing My Religion
by R.E.M.

30 thoughts on “All A Dream

    1. It’s not easy, that’s for sure. And that number doesn’t account for the people that me in their RSS and emails. When you include those, I think I’ve got almost another 5k. I just do the best I can. That’s all we can do, right?

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