Miracles Like You

“I am thankful
for the miracles
in my life.
Like you.”

It’s a bittersweet thing, to find yourself growing older. Another year gone. But this year, instead of mourning what couldn’t be, I’m celebrating the fact that I’m still here. That I’m still able to see miracles every day. To see the faces of the ones I love. Like you.

© Sarah Doughty

So thank you,
for spending
this moment with me.
Thank you for being here.
Thank you for making this one special.

Happy birthday to me.


That Arrow

“You shot that arrow
and I was done. I loved you.”

You shot that arrow and I was done. You collided with my heart and I knew I’d never love anyone the way I loved you. It was like a spark, igniting me in open flame. I no longer needed the sun, because you were a source of light I never wanted to live without. But I never said I couldn’t live without it. I’m stronger than that.

© Sarah Doughty

Coexistence as equals
in this universe
is something I choose to do.

This was written for day nineteen
of November Notes.
Catch Fire by The Neon Lights


Awake At Night

“I remember. I remember
laying awake at night.
Waiting for you.”

I remember. I remember laying awake at night, watching my door. Listening for the low roar of the garage door. The scent of barely-cooked steak wafting up to my room. It was all a prelude to you ascending those stairs and turning the opposite direction down the hall. That’s when I know my time is up. My only question — in the unknown — was how much pain I would endure and how long my torture would last.

© Sarah Doughty

Long after you’re gone,
I’m still in that perpetual darkness,
wondering when my torment will end.

This was written for day eighteen
of November Notes.
Recreational by Aaron Krause

Earthen Witch, Flash and Micro Fiction


“The strong beat and bass guitar filled the air,
drowning out the sounds coming from next door.”

I landed two punches and didn’t miss his intentions with his slowed movements. Salvatore rubbed a hand over his chest and said, “Damn, woman, you sure hit hard.”

“Did I bruise you again?” I asked, smirked, and then pouted. “Poor baby.”

His eyes narrowed but his aura swirled with light blue. “I’ll get you for that.”

I grinned. “Good.”

When we made it back to our suite, Salvatore grinned as I unlocked the door and stepped
inside with him right behind me. His aura flamed with light blue and red.

“What?” I asked cautiously, eyeing his aura as I kicked off my flats.

“Connor and Aisling weren’t kidding when they said they knew everyone could hear them. They don’t seem to care at all.”

I froze and listened. I thought I heard a faint cry, but it could have been my imagination. My eyes flickered up to Salvatore.

He grinned. “Aisling is having a lot of fun at the moment.”

“Oh, my god! I don’t want to hear that. And you don’t need to hear it, either.” I walked to the dresser and picked up my phone. I tapped the screen and turned the volume all the way up.

The strong beat and sounds of a bass guitar filled the air, drowning out the sounds of my best friend and her mate. Hopefully, that was enough to keep Salvatore from hearing them too.

Setting my phone down, I turned around and froze. My werewolf’s head was cocked to the side and he was giving me an expression I couldn’t define.

Realization dawned and my jaw dropped. “Oh, is that too loud? I forget how well you can hear sometimes.”

He didn’t respond at first, he just kept staring at me like a predator stalking its prey. Then he took a step forward.

I took an involuntary step back and realized what I was doing.

Salvatore’s eyes glittered with yellow, but his aura still looked normal, blazing with red. “Paradise Circus?”

My face flushed, and I felt the warmth spread all the way down my neck as I realized what I just did. Not only could Salvatore hear Connor and Aisling in the next suite, but the room itself set him on edge.

And I just turned on my playlist, not thinking how the sexy music would entice him that much more. “Yep, and I happen to like Massive Attack,” I replied, trying to pretend as though I didn’t just trigger him to lose control. “I have a whole playlist like this. Do you like it?”

His red aura was brightening as he took another step toward me and my body was practically vibrating in anticipation of what was about to happen.

“Salvatore?” My voice sounded raspy. To my ears it sounded more like a moan.

“Angela,” he growled.

I took a deliberate step back toward the bathroom, as if I was trying to retreat from him. But I knew what I was doing. I was inciting him. Setting him on edge. On purpose. “Why are you stalking me like I’m something you want to eat?”

© Sarah Doughty

This is a direct excerpt
from my third novel, Home.

Though this novel of the series
follows Angela and Salvatore,
Aisling and Connor still play important roles.
I knew I wanted to include this exerpt
when this song was added
to the November Notes list this year.

It was slightly edited for context.

For day seventeen of November Notes.
Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto remix) by Massive Attack


Until Morning Comes

“I watched you in the starlight,
and my heart leapt out of my chest.”

I watched you in the starlight, and my heart leapt out of my chest. Asking myself how I never saw such beauty before, I felt like I could see for the first time. In the shadows, your eyes glittered and the planes for your jaw were in Stark relief. You were mesmerizing and I never wanted to look away. Every time I see you in the night, I want to bask in your shadow until the morning comes.

© Sarah Doughty

So please, don’t let this night end.

Without you, I’m as cold as ice.

This was written for day sixteen
of November Notes.
Your Soul by Hippie Sabotage


Cold As Ice

“Without you near me,
I’m bereft. Lost.”

Without you near me, I’m bereft. Lost. Standing in the midst of a winter storm. Old, forgotten leaves from autumn flying with the white flakes that swirl around me. I reach into the oblivion of white, hoping I will find you there. Near enough that your warmth would draw me in, like a moth to flame. But nothing responds. Only the howling of the frigid wind keeps me company. I am lost in this place. Without a compass nor a guiding light to point me to you. So I wait, calling your name into those whipping winds, hoping you’ll hear me and come find me.

© Sarah Doughty

I repeat, this life of mine
was never a competition,
except the ones
I set for myself.

Without you, I’m as cold as ice.

This was written for day fifteen
of November Notes.
Casualty by Hidden Citizens

Poetry, Random Thoughts

Shadows Fall

“No matter how many hits I receive,
I have the comfort of knowing who I am
and what I’ve overcome.”

No, this life of mine has never been easy. It seems as though I’ve been fighting some kind of war during every stage. A fight to survive. A fight to fit in. Make friends, not acquaintances of convenience. Try to live a life that had some sort of meaning after everything that happened. But school didn’t make that easy. It felt like an uphill battle and I was a well-tuned wheel, ready to roll down to the bottom with an unceremonious splat. I kept getting up. Kept trying. After all, I’d survived worse. So I pressed on and realized the bottom of that hill became a chasm. One that awaited to swallow me whole and devour me in the next instant. A place where shadows fall and never retreat.

But I’ve come to the realization that this life is what you make of it. No matter how many punches or kicks I receive, I have the comfort of knowing who I am and what I’ve overcome. This life of mine was never a competition, except the ones I set for myself. And to the ones that have thrown hits of their own, I hope you find peace within yourself. I’ve never been a competitor and I never will be. I’ve never been an enemy, except the one created in your head. I’ve never been more than an easy mark to trample over when the time was right. And I suppose that fault is mine to bear for putting that welcome mat on my revolving door.

© Sarah Doughty

I repeat, this life of mine
was never a competition,
except the ones
I set for myself.

While this came pouring out of me this morning, I realized I had a lot of feelings about this that needed to come out. So consider it more of an essay about one aspect of my current situation.

This was written for day fourteen
of November Notes.
Shadows Fall by Random Forest


Live Your Life

“This is your life. Live it the best you can.”

Living isn’t easy. Staying alive is harder. All you can do is follow your instincts and keep going forward, hoping you’ve done the right thing. But more than that, life is about growing and learning. It’s okay to change your mind if you have new insight. It’s okay to form your own opinions and offer advice. Just don’t expect anyone to follow them. This is your life. Live it as best as you can.

© Sarah Doughty

You only get one chance.

This was written for day thirteen
of November Notes.
Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)
by Baz Luhrmann, Quintin Tarver, Josh Abrams


Feeling You

“It’s okay. It’s okay to feel.
And you don’t ever have to hide.
Because I feel you too.”

In the echoing of the night, I feel you the most. I can feel those salty tears falling from your cheeks. I hear the hitch in your breath as you try not to sob. And I can feel you on those nights you are filled with elation. Love. And everything in between. I feel you. In the echoing of the night, I feel the words in your heart. I want you to know that it’s okay. It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to feel sad. To feel happy. To be. You don’t ever have to hide. You don’t have to be anything you’re not. Because I feel you too.

© Sarah Doughty

I feel you. And it’s okay.

This was written for day twelve
of November NotesNovember Notes.
Empathy by Audiomachine


As I Am

“You loved me despite this darkness.
You loved me as I am.”

In this heart of mine, there are shadows that swallow the light. There are memories shrouded in scars and emotions drowning in blood. But you loved me despite these things. Or maybe, you loved me because of them. Just as I am, you loved me. Either way, I’m glad I’m not the only one traversing the dark. I’m glad I’m not the only one with a heart full of love.

© Sarah Doughty

That far outweighs anything else I’ve ever experienced.

This was written for day eleven
of November Notes.
Heart Of The Darkness by Tommee Proffitt