Cut Me Open

Cut me open
and spill me out,
replace everything
he ever touched
and tell me
if anything’s left
worth salvaging.

ยฉ Sarah Doughty


38 thoughts on “Cut Me Open”

  1. as others have noted above, this is a powerful poem. as i read it i felt a visceral response. it must have been difficult as you worked on the poem to make it so concise. but the spareness increases the poem’s effectiveness.


  2. Amazing piece! And for the record, I think there would be no need to replace whatever the person touched before going away. Let’s let it be there and instead cherish the essence of the person( If it’s in a positive sense) or start creating anew( if the person was bad).

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  3. Chilling. I’ve just begun reading “Focus” and somehow that part of the story (the torture) and this poem get mixed in my mind. (I’m at the part where the young boy is helping them to escape the torture dungeon).

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