Photo credit @rusticbones. Model credit @freepeople.

Boulders of the past slowly crush my chest, his voice calls out to cut me down from the shadows, trying to light me on fire, but I’m clever, strong, independent — everything he never wanted me to be — and I know how to outlast him. My faith in the moon is my salvation from this hell.

© Sarah Doughty

23 thoughts on “Faith”

  1. The faith is stronger day by day
    A light from far calls me
    Speaking to the heart within
    Bliss is not far from you
    Be there, stand up
    Walk on your feet again
    Her voice will go
    Memories will fade
    You are a beautiful soul
    Love will come again

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  2. i just love this piece. first, it is loaded with inferences of belonging – one that crushes/binds (past/him) and the other that liberates (faith in the moon). but more intriguing is the inference, of the moon, usually associated with hell in an evil way (see lady macbeth’s famous speech), as having a good essence of providing “salvation from hell.” this dissociation is fascinating to contemplate. brilliant piece, Sarah.

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    1. Yes, you caught those, but I’m wondering if you caught the references to witchcraft. The boulders, the fact that the witch was too clever, etc. It’s the multi-faceted pieces that I really enjoy. 😊


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