Its eyes were black, vacant,
and they followed me
as I moved about the room.
Then its mouth lifted
into a grin that made
my blood run cold.

Β© Sarah Doughty

37 thoughts on “Vacant”

  1. nice. reminds me of ‘annabelle’. this piece underlines the idea of the uncanny. clowns make kids laugh but also frighten them. the uncanny is frightening because of the familiar being unfamiliar – because we believe in these things. when dolls have vacant eyes, familiarly/believably they are just being dolls. but when they have teeth, the unfamiliarity of a doll with teeth is scary. zombies, like clowns, are not scary because they have familiar human features, they are scary because these familiar features are somewhat unfamiliarly distorted – the same is true of this doll in the piece. brilliant post, Sarah. on halloween’s eve, what a way to go.

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