In The Wind


“Wherever you are.
Whenever you need it.
I’ll be there, in the wind.”

I know there’s little to say
that will bring you comfort.
There’s going to be rough times ahead.
But just know that I’m here for you.
In whatever capacity I can.
I know it’s not enough right now,
but know that I care.

If you ever feel like you’re
overwhelmed with grief,
or that the chasm in your heart
is too much, or if you just feel
like you need a moment of peace,
find the wind. I’ll be there.
Wherever you are.
Whenever you need it.
I’ll be there.

Find the wind.

© Sarah Doughty

12 thoughts on “In The Wind

      1. So difficult to help in some situations – it’s just something they have to go through but I like the concept of wind – it touches and sometimes blows things away – like empathetic reiki (hmm haven’t described that very well – I prefer your poem 😉 seems to nail it down)


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