“No, I will not censor myself.
It’s my goddamn choice.
And it’s my goddamn voice.”

I’m tired. So very tired. I’m tired of being told that I need to get over my traumatic past. That I need to focus on the future, not dwell in the past. That I should “snap out” of this darkness that has its iron grip around my neck, cutting off my air.

I’m tired of being told I should censor myself. That I should take better care of what I decide to share with the world. But here’s the thing: I’m tired of caring. I share my truth. Good or bad, I share it. And people tell me I’m giving them hope. That I’m giving words to what they feel.

It’s my goddamn choice. And it’s my goddamn voice. I choose to do what I do to help people. No one deserves to feel alone.

© Sarah Doughty

If you can’t accept that,
then trample your dirty feet
all over your own home
and stay out of mine.

26 thoughts on “Censorship”

  1. Wonderfully powerful piece! It is hard to stand firm in letting your voice be heard, but it is the right thing to do!! It is your truth and “The Truth Will Set You Free!!” Always remember – “Not everybody likes you, but not everybody matters!!” Never surrender your freedom to speak your mind!!! Bellissimo, Sarah, Bellissimo!!

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  2. I’m incredibly proud of you, Sarah Doughty. It takes strength courage and a huge heart to open up and speak of atrocities that have had such an invasive impact on your life and which you’ll no doubt in some part deal with forever. Take comfort in knowing your words thoughts give voice to those who cannot speak for themselves and will lead others down a healing path. XOXOXO PS do what feels right to you and don’t let the nay sayers intrude.

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  3. People will always have a problem. If you kept everything bottled then they’d say you need to open up more. If you speak then you need to censor yourself. Just do what you feel. You have a wonderful blog and you share some incredible stories here. Don’t let anyone take that away from you. Love and blessings to you always. 🌸

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    1. Oh definitely. I couldn’t agree more. We can’t possibly please everyone. And we should all be able to use our voices. The worst feeling is one where you feel you have none — it at least none that matter.


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