Inner Demon

“I am the thing that keeps you
fighting to stay alive.”

I am the keeper of darkness. The thing you confide in when you think no one else is listening. I am the whispers in your mind, reminding you of your every fault, your every flaw. Your every weakness. I am the thing that goes bump in the night, though you never actually hear me creeping up behind you.

I am the keeper of darkness. The thing that knows you better than you know yourself. I am the shivers that travel down your spine and the thing that keeps your eyes wide open in fear. The thing that haunts you. Keeps you in my vice grip.

I am the keeper of darkness. Because I am you. And you are me. But I am also the one thing that keeps you fighting. Keep you alive. Together, we are infinite. Together we will live on.

© Sarah Doughty

Together, we rise.
Heart and mind as one.

24 thoughts on “Inner Demon”

  1. horror section part 5; my hand were tied and was laying in a bed with full of scariness that comes out from my face and then mr hyde shows up. i said “what are you gonna do with me?” i could feel my body is shaking of fear. hyde answer “you know what im going to do cutie, i wanna tease you so bad. that was the most shocking moment i ever witnessed

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  2. Sometimes, we must, accept the dark sides of ourselves, including all the negatives, our anger, upset, sadness, sorrows, etc., etc., etc., in order to finally be at peace with ourselves, because if we can’t even feel at peace with ourselves, how do we deal with the chaos that’s happening outside???

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