In my dreams, darling,
I’ve died more times
than I dare to count,
in ways that I can’t
bear to recall.

Β© Sarah Doughty


69 thoughts on “Terrors”

  1. That last line fascinates me. It’s like she doesn’t mind telling her darling that she dies in her dreams, but she can’t bear to even think of how she dies, much less talk about it. They must be pretty awful deaths. 😦

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    1. They are. Very bad. Sometimes, if I tell what happens, I gloss over it. Like a few times this past week, I drowned. But I left out the fact that it was a tidal wave and I tried to swim to the surface in one, or that other one when I was on some ship (which reminded me in some ways of the Titanic) and it sucked me down as it sank. I couldn’t swim out of it. But those, those are nothing compared to the ones when I’m being attacked or tortured. When I wake up, I still feel the injuries I sustained in them.

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      1. I know what you mean! This poem struck me so strongly… I’ve died in so many different ways in my dreams, and my dreams are so vivid that sometimes I have to remind myself it was a dream, especially when I wake up with scratches or marks on my skin that are reminiscent of injuries sustained in my dream.

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    1. It’s not fun. If I’m unlucky enough to last that long, I wake up when my body realizes I’m not breathing. It’s like my body knows I shouldn’t be, so I hold my breath until I can’t any longer. Those are the worst. I’d much rather wake up when things get too serious or scary, but no.

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  2. This is that kind of sorrow I absolutely love that only poetry can truly describe. You are a mistress of such forms, and I loved this. It may seem weird to love something sad but all the ‘greats’ had very, very sad poetry and it was much beloved. Moreover I think it’s societies intolerance of different emotions that restricts us, than the lack of merit to sorrow, after all how would we understand joy without its reverse? This was beautiful Sarah xo

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    1. You’re so right about that. I think one of the reasons those of us who write is because we are broken or sad on a deep level in some way, but we know how deep it is due to the fact that we’ve been on the other side of the spectrum. Because we FEEL, we can put emotions in our words. At least, that’s the goal. Thank you, love. πŸ’–

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