49 thoughts on “Mine Always”

  1. Oh Sarah! How timely to read this and your other post on ‘Timeliness’.
    And how I’ve been feeling over this period – altering your words, this is what it felt like:
    Even though you leaned in and held me tight,
    I still knew you would never be truly mine.

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    1. It is. To be honest, I think she did. A little time with this person would have been worth the pain to her. But, I do like to leave things open to interpretation, so that people can decide for themselves how they see it. 😊 Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

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  2. Even after I was on my knee
    Opened my heart for you
    Expressed my feelings for you
    Forwarded my hand to you
    Don’t know what went wrong
    Can’t say why you changed heart
    Took just you a moment
    Turned your back
    And you said goodbye….
    Leaving me with tears….

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      1. It is okay… Not your fault… Some memories stay stuck deep in heart.. Maybe love has a defination I don’t know… Maybe I don’t know how to love… Maybe I deserve no love

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