You stripped away the pieces
of my shattered existence
until my soul was laid bare,
ready for fate to claim me.

ยฉ Sarah Doughty

For the ‘Support Insta Writers’ August Prompts
(based on books written by authors in the IG community)
hosted by Tracy and Journee.

Stripped Souls by @saccheenlaing_poet

39 thoughts on “Stripped”

  1. With words like “stripped” and “laid bare,” I believe this poem expresses a longing to return to the state of being that we (humans) were originally created in: Naked without shame. (Genesis 2:25)

    Though, the nakedness the poet is talking about isn’t physical nakedness.

    We were not meant to hide, to cover ourselves, to build barriers — the beauty of our body and soul, the beauty of our humanity, was laid bare for all to see and God said it was “very good.”

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