Earthen Witch, Poetry

Once Upon A Dream

“I saw him in a dream once.
And I didn’t know how,
but I knew he was the one for me.”

I didn’t know if it was
just a dream, or something more.
But, whatever it was,
I knew it was powerful.
And something I would never forget.
When the day came
that I finally met him,
I wondered why I ever
questioned it. He was
the one for me all along.

Ā© Sarah Doughty

A little something
inspired by my upcoming book,
Stronger Than Blood.

8 thoughts on “Once Upon A Dream”

  1. Beautiful.
    We have the tendency to question things too good to be true, because often times they are not good at all.
    As far as dreams are concerned, we often forget things. Sometimes I tell myself that I will remember something I thought of during the day. An Eureka moment. Never to be recalled again, until I’m in a certain situation and the memory comes rushing back.

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    1. Ah yes. That, I’m sure has a role in all of this. The too-good-to-be-true concept weighs heavy on me simply because I grew up bring told over and over again how I didn’t deserve anything. Because with that thinking, how could I be good enough for such a thing later in life? I have been trying to reshape the way I see the world around me, as if through a new lens. It doesn’t always work and thoughts like these slip through. I find it helpful to write them out so I can see how skewed such a logic can be. And yes, dreams can be beautiful and tragic and everything in between. But there are some dreams that really stand out. They feel more real and visceral than most of what we experience in dreams. It makes it that much harder to forget it. The mundane, inconsequential things are certainly things that will fall through the cracks into nothingness. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. šŸ˜Š

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      1. I’m sorry you had a rough growing up. I remember that without a failure, whenever I felt good and happy, my father parents would bring me down. It’s like I wasn’t allowed to be happy. That’s why I always look out for something to dampen my mood. It’s a bit like trauma.

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      2. It’s alright. Thank you. It’s something I’ve accepted, but haven’t yet reached the point of total forgiveness. I am so I am because of what happened, and I’ve been able to accomplish so much of what I dreamed about. Being a parent, a spouse, and a writer are among the top of that list. But I can definitely relate to the downsides if happiness. There’s always something waiting to darken the mood. Before, it was him, now it’s more of the memories and how he changed me psychologically. It is very much like recurrent trauma, because those reminders are always there, waiting to show their teeth.

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