Photography, PTSD and Awareness

Look Up


Look up and take a look into the clear night sky. Can you see the twinkling stars billions of miles away?

Can you feel the bitter chill of fall on the breeze?

Can you feel winter coming in your bones?

Can you feel me there?

Look up. I’m right next to you. I’m gazing at the same starlight. I’m feeling the same chill. I’m feeling the same pull of time.

I’m right there, and yet you don’t know.

Because I am those things. I am there. In space. In the air. In your bones.

Look up.

I’m there, even though you don’t know it.

You’re not alone. You’re never alone.

Look up. Can you see me?

I’m everywhere. You just need to see it. You need to know you’ll be alright.

Look up.

© Sarah Doughty