“You were special. You were
everything I ever needed.”

The instant we connected, I knew you were something special. It was like seeing light after a lifetime of darkness. Like you opened my eyes and I couldn’t look away.

Suddenly, I needed you. It wasn’t air I needed to breathe. It wasn’t food I needed to fuel me. It wasn’t blood rushing through my veins. It was you. It was all of you. I realized you were what I needed all along. You were everything.

© Sarah Doughty

You are my everything.

Sudden Surrender


“Darling, I’m tired of hiding my heart.
You’re what I want. I’ve fallen for you.”

Darling, I’m tired. So very tired. I can’t look at you without feeling like I can fly. I can’t bear to touch you without feeling electricity flowing through my veins. I can’t hear your name without my heart skipping a beat. I can’t bear to keep living like this. Like I’m drowning in you. Like I’m hopelessly falling for you. Like I am a helpless victim.

So I give up. I’m raising the white flag. You’re what I want. You. All of you. I’ve fallen for you and there’s no going back. There will never be anyone else. There will only ever be you.

© Sarah Doughty

I’m tired of fighting a heart
that wants to love you.
So please tell me you love me too.

Ghosts And Dreams


“Oh, but darling, my dreams are only
ghosts without you in them.”

I built my life on hopes and dreams. I found you and you made me believe anything was possible. You made me believe they would come true. You made me believe in happy ever afters.

And I know. I know how complicated and difficult life can be. But this world is cold without you. I can feel it beneath the surface. I can feel it without your touch.

So please, don’t leave me buried in broken dreams. These dreams are only ghosts without you in them.

© Sarah Doughty

Please tell me you’ll stay.

Beauty In The Cracks


“Despite the tragedy, there was beauty in the cracks.
We shared the scars of our survival.”

It was the breaking. That beautiful moment when I knew everything had changed. The moment I realized I wouldn’t be in this dark prison forever. It was the moment I knew I wasn’t the only one falling apart. I wasn’t the only one learning to breathe fire. Learning how to stand tall. Learning to use my voice once again. Despite the tragedy, there was beauty in the cracks. We shared the scars of our survival.

And there will be more as we overcome it all. Rise up when we are finally ready.

© Sarah Doughty

And that day will come.
Together we will rise.

A special thanks to Blood Into Ink
for publishing this piece.

Birds In Flight


“And darling, as long as you still want me,
I will always be yours.”

These pieces of us. Sometimes I think they’re trying to pull away like a flock of birds. Flying away, leaving with nothing left between us. And that thought scares me. Because deep down, I know what you mean to me. I know what I mean to you, even if I have doubts at times. So maybe that’s what bothers me so much when I feel like the essence of what we were is floating away. Because maybe it is. We are different people than we were. But that doesn’t mean we are drifting apart. Those pieces taking flight are just the old pieces of us. And in the end, what remains, will be stronger. And darling, I assure you, as long as you still want me, I will always be yours.

© Sarah Doughty

Always yours. Now and forever.

Like Fireworks


“We were epic.
And I never wanted to live
my life without you in it.”

We were like fireworks, you and I. The way we collided in the night, under the stars. The way our sparks outshone them. The way our skin felt like a charge crawled through us whenever we touched. We were electric. We were infinite. We were epic. And I never wanted to live my life without you in it.

© Sarah Doughty

So let’s keep the fireworks going.
Won’t you kiss me
and light up the night?

Wild Dreaming


“Darling, all I ever needed was you.
And you were there.”

I could taste the wildflowers on your lips. The sunlight on your skin, warm and earthy. Every touch from your fingertips felt like I’d never known the sense of touch before. It sent shivers down my spine, and I reveled in it, like I was parched, dying of dehydration in the middle of a desert. In that moment, all I wanted — all I ever needed — was you. And you were there. You weren’t a mirage. So I wasn’t going to ruin the moment. I couldn’t bear to miss something so extraordinary. Because you were the miracle. You were the wild dreaming. You were my fallen star. And I would cherish you forever.

© Sarah Doughty

I would cherish you forever.

Thank You


“So right now, I want to thank you.
For letting me love you.
And for loving me in return.”

I just can’t help myself. Depending on the day, I’m either a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty kind of girl. But when it comes to you, I know how I feel. Whether I’m fearing losing you, or feeling confident that you’ll stay, the doubts are still there. They whisper like static in the background. I hold on with everything I am, and all I could ever be, in hopes that my fears will be unfounded.

So right now, I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for proving my fears wrong with every passing day. For letting me love you. And for loving me in return. I hold on to hope that things can only get better from here.

© Sarah Doughty

So please, every day,
remind me you’ll stay.

Water Element


“This was my element. My home.
It was the ocean. The sun. You.”

There I was, at the edge of the shore on the beach, the sun creeping above the horizon, blazing across the sky with a couple thousand colors. The water washed over me with every surge. It held me like an embrace, wrapping me in its warm blanket of comfort. I couldn’t help myself. I smiled. This was my element. It was home. It reminded me of the time we spent together. The time we spent, hand in hand, walking along this same stretch of beach. Smiles stretched across our faces. And the laughter. I remember the laughter. When we splashed each other, when you tossed me into the surf and I squealed with elation. Those were the best moments with you. As the tide came in, I made my way back home to find you. To crawl into your arms and let you smell the ocean and sunlight on my skin. After so long, I was home. This was my home.

© Sarah Doughty

This was my home. With you.

In a poetry book I’m working on, Universal Echoes, I delve into the four basic elements —
Earth, Fire, Water, & Air — and the Spirit,
which connects them all together.

Water is associated with the subconscious,
emotions like love, and dreams.
The Remaining (the section on water), focuses on what is —
good or bad — immediately after a life-altering event.



“That’s the thing, my love,
everything about you
made me fall in love with you.”

That’s the thing, my love, it wasn’t just one thing about you that caught my eye. It was all of you. It was everything.

Maybe that was why it was so easy to fall for you. Maybe that was what made me feel like I could love you with abandon. It wouldn’t matter if you didn’t feel the same. I would be content just knowing you were the one.

© Sarah Doughty

It was everything. It was you.