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The Last Seconds

“Sometimes, surviving is the hardest
part of living. Because I felt
my heart die with you.”

In the middle of all that chaos, my eyes locked with yours and I could see it in your eyes. That final acceptance that it was the last time we’d ever see each other again. And as I heard my name booming toward me from the distance, I knew there was no time to try to save you. Or to stay with you and say goodbye to our lives at the same time. Together. As we were always meant to be. But the choice was made for me when you turned your back and ran back into the fray, giving me those few precious seconds to get away. As much as it broke me in that moment, knowing it was your final wish for me to survive, I still hesitated. But the damage was already done. I watched as your lifeless body hit the ground for the last time. And I felt my heart die with you.

© Sarah Doughty

Sometimes, surviving is the hardest
part of living.

Inspired by the hero
of my next novel of the
Earthen Witch Universe series.

Earthen Witch, Poetry

Everything You Were

“And I hope you know that you are always
in my heart. I will never forget
everything you were to me.”

Late at night, I cannot help but wonder what you might think of the choices I have made. If you think I have actually lived as we once dreamed. If perhaps you think I have taken a wrong path along the way. But since I am now in a future you will never experience, I can rely on no one than myself and the memory of you to try to find my way through this unknown. I can only hope you can forgive me for trying. And I hope you know that I will always have a place for you in my heart and I will never forget everything you were to me.

© Sarah Doughty

Because you were everything
I ever hoped to love.

Inspired by the hero
of my next novel of the
Earthen Witch Universe series.

Earthen Witch, Poetry

Wandering This Earth

“Without you, I wonder if I am destined
to wander this earth without
a true sense of direction or home.”

After all these countless nights without you by my side, I feel like I am sleep walking. Just wandering around without a destination. The memories of us haunt me everywhere I go, and I cannot help but wonder if I will always be haunted by the time we spent together. The time I was happy. And perhaps it is my curse. My reminder of the years I have lived. Knowing that the best of them are far behind me — while I am destined to wander this earth without a true sense of direction or a true feeling of home.

© Sarah Doughty

This is the price
of losing you.

Inspired by the hero
of my next novel of the
Earthen Witch Universe series.


Retribution Burned

“I revel in the power with a glint
of retribution burning in my eyes.”

The grumbling, crackling of thunder overhead rushes over me as the breeze increases its speed. A warning of the oncoming storm. The ominous flash, hidden behind the dark gray clouds, rolling around each other as if every part of it wants a chance to glimpse the ground beneath it. That is when I hear the leaves of the trees begin to whisper their silent songs. That is when I see the worms in the earth begin to stir, like they’re anticipating the coming rain. That is when I feel the electricity building in the air. And as those dark clouds pass overhead at last, casting me in shadow, I revel in its power with a glint of retribution burning in my eyes.

© Sarah Doughty

And then I take it all in.

A little something
from one of the antagonists
in my fiction series.


Our Memories

“You were everything to me,
but our love couldn’t overcome death.
And all I have left of us is the memories.”

In the silence of the night, I remember us. The way we could lay together in silence without the need to speak. It was as if we could read each others’ minds. And no matter where we were, we still felt each other. That’s how I knew you would always have a place — not just in my heart — but in my soul. You were everything to me, and not even our love could overcome death. For now, all I have left of us is the memories.

© Sarah Doughty

And that will
have to be enough.


Undying Love

“And for the rest of my days,
the love I felt for you will never die.”

I still remember that smile of yours. The one that would flash across your face in defiance. The one that told me how fierce you were, while at the same time showing me how much you loved me. Perhaps that was the glitter in your eyes as the candle light flickered around us. Either way, I knew what I felt for you would never die. And for the rest of my days, that will never change. So even though you’re gone, my heart will always belong to you.

© Sarah Doughty

My heart will always
belong to you.

Earthen Witch, Poetry

Moonlight Sonata

“It was then that I remembered
how much my heart could love.”

Ghosts of silhouettes danced on the wall where the pale moonlight cast its light through the window. It was an unheard melody, but the synchronization made me feel as though I could imagine the tempo, the chords playing on a quartet of cello, violins, and piano. It was slow, like a sonata. A gentle, sad little dance that left me feeling empty with longing. It was as if it was a memory I couldn’t quite grasp with my fingertips. And the more I tried to focus, the more distant that tug of a memory became.

So instead, I watched as those shadows continued to dance and allowed my eyes to drift closed. In my sleep, my heart ached for the love that was lost long ago. Yet somehow, knowing it was once me. Dancing through the night with my beloved. In another lifetime. A happier one. Before I awoke the following morning, I could see my beloved’s serene face, looking at me with adoration. It was then that I remembered. It was then that I realized how much my heart could love another. And as the dawn crept over the horizon, I felt my heart breaking all over again.

© Sarah Doughty

And every night,
like a broken record,
I remembered.

A little something
from a fan-favorite character
in my books.
Can you guess who it is?

Earthen Witch, Poetry

Finding Home With Him

“With every cell in my body, every beat
of my heart, I knew I found my home.”

Our time together was a culmination of events that I couldn’t deny. I knew, if I didn’t love him before that moment, I fell over the edge into a bottomless ocean that was only for him. I knew I was never going back. So instead of speaking, I kissed him, hard. When my lips collided with his, I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. And his arms tightened around me an instant later.

That was when I knew. With every cell in my body, every beat of my heart, I knew I found my home.

© Sarah Doughty

I knew I found my home.

An excerpt,
slightly adjusted for sharing,
from my first novel, Just Breathe.

Earthen Witch, Flash and Micro Fiction, Poetry

Excerpt — Burn For Him

“And that was when I knew
what it was like to burn for someone.”

When I saw him, it was the ethereal glow surrounding him in a purple haze that caught my attention. He stood in a casual stance, wearing black. But his hair was my downfall. It was straight and brown, curtaining around his face on one side while the other was tucked behind his ear, threatening to fall in the breeze. Chocolate, brown eyes flickered to mine and my breath caught in my throat. He held my gaze, and I couldn’t breathe.

God, but he was the most gorgeous creature I ever saw. Something about him made me feel alive again. I wanted to feel his skin. Taste his lips. Feel the silkiness of his hair. The stubble on his cheeks. It made my fingers twitch and my lips tingle at the thought.

It was illogical. I didn’t even know him. But I couldn’t tear my eyes away. It felt like I’d been burned, all the way down to my soul.

© Sarah Doughty

A little something
from Just Breathe,
my first novel,
slightly condensed.

I thought, perhaps on the weekends, or maybe just Sundays, I would share a little something from one of my books. They each mean so much to me, and maybe by sharing little bits of them, you, my lovelies, will have a little taste of the bigger picture. I do hope you like this idea. Be sure to let me know in the comments what you think.

Much love,

Earthen Witch, Updates

Review Of Just Breathe From Indie Blue

I read somewhere that Sarah sees her writing poetry as a moment, whereas her writing fiction as a lifetime, and when I read this, it made total sense to me because I’ve read Sarah’s poetry for years and it is a moment, a strong powerful smack in the gut moment, but definitely a moment, whereas when I read her fiction, I can see the entire universe is being considered and she is methodical, paced and thorough in her plotting and building of characters.

Just Breathe delivered for me. I was surprised. Sarah knows her art, and she drew me into her world almost immediately.

I’m very familiar with Sarah’s poetry and have always appreciated her blunt and honest way of telling it like it is, that’s why it was a surprise to find out she is equally conversant and gifted with longer art forms. This isn’t just a hobby for her, you can tell she takes her writing very seriously and spends a lot of time ensuring she gets it right.

It doesn’t matter if a character
is a witch or a vampire
and whether those things exist
in our world or do not,
it matters that we believe
as we read that they are real.
That way we become
invested in them.

Aisling (the heroine) is the kind of woman that women can relate to and she isn’t afraid to stand up for what she feels is right. For this reason, Just Breathe is a deeply redemptive book and that alone makes it worthy of reading.

And with this I leave you with one recommendation, pick Sarah Doughty’s work out of the genre and let it Just Breathe.

Special thanks to Indie Blu(e) and Candice Louisa Daquin
for such an eloquent review of Just Breathe.
While this is merely an excerpt of the entire review,
I am beyond humbled at all the kind things
she had to say about the book.
To read the review in its entirety, click here.

~ Sarah Doughty