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Why My Books Are Free

Heya Lovelies,

Even after all these years, I’m often asked why I don’t sell my books. Why they’re free.

Let me start out by saying every writer is different. They take a lot of time, countless hours to create their books, and they make their own choices on how they will share their work. And in turn, they may elect to charge a price for them.

There’s nothing wrong with that. I fully support whatever decisions they make, because it’s theirs to make.

But my answer is simple. I write because it helps me. It’s my therapy. I crave the creative process, the ability to unplug from life and become someone new. Marketing and advertising are added stressors that often leave me feeling overwhelmed, so the idea of throwing sales into the mix is, simply, too much.

Have you ever heard the concept of benefits should outweigh the complications? That’s exactly where the scales list in the wrong direction for me, negating the most important aspects of what I do.

My stories help me. Give me hope that my future might one day be better. Why jeopardize that?

On the other hand, readers may feel something similar. The escape for a reader may be therapy for them. And that shouldn’t come with a price tag.

Often, money is something that’s very precious to people, and not a luxury to spend. Especially now with our new post-COVID reality.

I don’t want money to stand in the way of someone’s escape. What use is it off they cannot read them? I want anyone who wants to delve into the world to have that opportunity. I want them to feel that escape, to enter that new world. And not worry how much money is left in their bank account.

Giving my books away is something I chose to do because I hope, maybe, they’ll touch someone like they’ve touched me. And everyone deserves that chance to see it. Feel it. Experience it.

Perhaps one day that will change, I don’t know. But for now, that’s why I do what I do, and will continue to give them away.

Until next time,

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Right Vs. Wrong

“And I know. I know how wrong you are
for me. So why do I want you so bad?”

These things you do to me, they drive me crazy. In the darkness, you make me want to explore every sinful thought you bring to mind even though I know once the sun peeks over the horizon, you’d be long gone. Hearing your voice makes me want your mouth against my ear, but I know you’d only say things that set me on fire. Seeing your body move makes me want to revel in the way you’d make mine come alive, but I know you’d only leave me wanting more. You’re like a drug I can’t quit. And I know. I know how wrong you are for me. So why do I want you so bad? I need some new rules to keep me grounded in sanity.

© Sarah Doughty

How you set my mind on fire.



“That moment I saw you, everything stood still.
Even my heart refused to beat.”

That moment I saw you, everything stood still. Even my heart refused to beat to let the moment last longer. In the silence, my eyes devoured every last detail of you. In an instant, my lifelong love affair with the moon ended, and I felt my blood pull me toward you, like you were my moon, dictating the tides of me. You were my beacon in a wilderness of love.

© Sarah Doughty

You are still my moon and stars.


No Regrets

“But I knew, deep down, I wouldn’t
regret a moment I’d get to spend with you.”

You had your pick of all the pretty girls, and even though I was patient, I never thought you’d choose me. Maybe that’s why I was so hesitant to trust that you actually wanted me. But I knew, deep down, that even if it was a lie, I wouldn’t regret a moment I’d get to spend with you.

© Sarah Doughty

And I never have.



“You earned that beautiful smile.
And no one can take it from you.”

She thought happiness was a fairy tale. Traversing hell to find a life. Overcoming hatred to be loved. Because, darling, it took years to learn how to smile. Not that one you remember so well — the one forced upon her face. But the real one. She never said it was easy, finding those moments of joy. And that smile is never something anyone can break, because they were never the ones that built it.

© Sarah Doughty

They don’t get to take credit
for the happiness you’ve built.

Earthen Witch


“I didn’t know the true meaning
of sleep until I was in his arms.”

It was my favorite place to be, head resting over his heart, feeling the steady rise and fall of his chest, hearing the steady beat of his heart. When I awoke, still on his arms, I realized something important. I didn’t know the true meaning of sleep until I was in his arms.

© Sarah Doughty

A little something inspired by
my first novel, Just Breathe.
I’ve been feeling increasingly
nostalgic, itching to lose myself
in the ongoing story again.



“One day, you’ll be able to forgive yourself
and end your punishment.”

How many times have we heard this time and time again? Guilt is often one of those things that cling like a second skin. It’s always there, nagging and tugging in the background, whispering. If it were so easy to apologize to ourselves and be free, there’d be a lot less suffering in this world. It’s not easy. It’s probably one of the most difficult things we survivors can do. Just don’t give up hope that one day it will happen.

© Sarah Doughty

Don’t ever give up hope.



“All that remains of us is a deafening silence,
and all I want to do is scream.”

In the mourning, I felt it. Your kiss, a ghost upon my dry lips. Your hand, resting against mine. And that sound of your breathing as you slept next to me — that gentle rumble in the back of your throat, a haunting memory. All that remains of us is a deafening silence, and all I want to do is scream.

© Sarah Doughty

I would give anything
to feel your lips
against mine once more.

Random Thoughts

The Dreaded Block

“The words may be on a break. But they’ll
be back. They always come back.”

I’m often asked about writer’s block. What to do? How to overcome it? How long will it last? These are all good questions, but they only really need one answer. Keep writing. Every day.

You may feel uninspired, like nothing you put on paper or type on the screen holds any value, but odds are, there is something there. Don’t delete them or throw them away. And the worst thing you can do is to put the pen away and do nothing.

There’s millions of things you can try to wake up your muse, but even if your mind comes up blank, you should write something. Even if it’s only a journal of what happened during your day.

My first fiction novel, Just Breathe, was based on a dream. Back then, I tended to forget my dreams and move on, but I was fortunate enough to journal the next day, and my mind kept going back to that scene. My focus shifted, and the story began to unfold. So, lovelies, don’t ignore your muse when it stirs, you might miss something incredible.

© Sarah Doughty

In the comments, let me know what you do to overcome creative blocks.



“Once I knew the flavor of you,
I’d never be able to survive without it.”

It started small, this feeling deep in my soul. This persistence. A darkened calm before the wrath of a storm. I felt pulled in a thousand different directions, but I was grounded by something simmering. It was a gnawing ache, an insatiable desire. I wanted you in a way I’d never felt before and I knew if I couldn’t have just a small taste, I would fall into madness. But at the same time, once I knew the flavor of you, I’d never be able to survive without it.

And it was then I knew, this body is a tomb without you.

© Sarah Doughty

Either way, I was doomed.