Aching Love

“And I know. That ache of loving you
will become permanent.”

Sometimes memories just stick with me. Though I may not notice them all the time. But when the anniversary of our ending comes around, I’m reminded of what I never shared with you. I’m reminded of what we lost in those years we’ve been apart. The things you and I relied on. Like how we took solace in holding each other. Or those moments we just talked and laughed until the sun peeked over the horizon. Perhaps we took those moments for granted. Perhaps we took “us” for granted. Perhaps we let our problems outweigh our devotion to one another. Either way, the pain remains, especially when something reminds me of you. And I know. The pain will lessen the further we go, but it will always be there. That ache will become a part of us. That ache of loving you will become permanent.

© Sarah Doughty

In the middle of the night, the ache is what gets me.

Inspired by @hallieartwork.


A Way Out

“I can feel you in my bones,
yet I can feel you slipping away.”

I can feel you in my bones, yet I can feel you slipping away. And I’m left wondering if we’ve used up all of our chances. Did we set this fire without knowing what we were doing? Are we trapped with nowhere to go? Is this all that’s left of us? Are we reduced to nothing but anger? Or is there a way out? To stifle the flames and breathe air again. To find the love we both felt so intensely we practically vibrated when we were near each other. So, my love, tell me, is there anything left worth fighting for?

© Sarah Doughty

Is there anything left of us?

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Captive Freckles – A Collaboration With Aurora Phoenix

“I wondered what made her blush,
and I knew I wanted to see it again.”

There was something about the way her freckled cheeks turned red that caught my attention. I wondered what made her blush. If it was something I said, or something that crossed her mind. It made the green of her eyes brighten like dew tickling grass on a warm summer morning.

suffused with roses
her emerald gaze
drew inward
coppery lashes lowered
demure veils
obscuring the windows
into her inner fracas.
her cheeks scrawl a chapter
in a language
I studied once –
long since forgot.
I scrabble
the freckled pattern –
cues to the lost tongue.

© Sarah Doughty & Aurora Phoenix
(prose poem is mine, poem beneath via A.P.)

It was an honor to collaborate
with the talented Aurora Phoenix.
It was originally published
at Whisper And The Roar.
Click here to see the original piece.

This Wanting

“And I can’t help myself.
I just want all of you.”

All the thoughts in my head freeze up when you come into view. I’m caught off guard, you see. Because you are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever laid my eyes on. And I can’t help myself. I just want all of you. Right now. You can bring your honey and all your fire, but it won’t be enough. I will never tire of you. Together, we will set this world aflame. And we’ll only be beginning.

© Sarah Doughty

The time is now, so don’t keep me waiting.

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Like a Storm – Sudden Denouement

“And I wanted to believe in fate —
I wanted to believe in us.”

You said there was no such thing as beginnings and endings. Nothing came into existence or disappeared like a puff of smoke. Matter changed shape, becoming something new — never beginning, never ending. Always changing and evolving. Like ice to water. Water into vapor. Vapor into rain. You said the same thing about us…

© Sarah Doughty

I’m pleased to announce that I was published
at Sudden Denouement once again.
Click here to read the full piece!


“You were too good to be true.
And I knew it.”

You were too good to be true. And I knew it. But oh, how much I wanted to give in. To let my body lead the way. To let my heart drown in you and quiet my brain. As if that might take away some of the lingering warning bells. The ones that told me you’d only leave broken pieces in your wake. So I would watch, as you walked away, with your eyes already set on the next target. Because you took what you wanted without any regards for what you were doing.

Even though you tried, it took everything I had to resist. I told myself I wouldn’t succumb to your wiles. Yet somewhere along the way, I forgot all the reasons why I shouldn’t give in. At last, when I watched you leave, I hid all the pain from my shattered heart. And I refused to let it bring me to my knees.

© Sarah Doughty

I refused to let you see how much you broke me.



“Beneath it all,
I see you for what you are.”

If only words could speak louder than actions. Maybe then I wouldn’t see the disdain you hold in your gaze. How you felt I was beneath you. Worthless. How you saw me as an object. A means to an end. But I see you. Beneath all the declarations of love. Beneath all the gifts. The promises. Beneath the compliments. I see you for what you are.

© Sarah Doughty

I see the lies.


The End Of Us

“And I think that was where
our story came to an end.
When you walked away.”

And I think that was where our story came to an end. When you walked away. You see, I pretended I didn’t need you, but I begged with my eyes while standing on my feet. I didn’t want you to know how much you meant to me. Like you were what my lungs needed to breathe. Like you were the blood in my veins. Maybe I hid it too well. Or maybe, you just weren’t looking. Either way, you made the decision to leave. And maybe, just maybe, that’s why it feels like you ripped my heart out of my chest.

© Sarah Doughty

That’s what I get for holding back.


Quiet Moments

“Please, let this night end.
Don’t let it turn into the nightmare
I know so well.”

It was the quiet moments, you see. The silence. The calm before the storm. It was an eerie hush that fell over everything and the only sound I could hear was my heartbeat rushing through my ears and the air moving in and out of my lungs. In those moments, I waited. Hoped. Begged to the universe, “Please, let this night end right here and now. Don’t let it turn into the nightmare I know so well.” Those were the moments that haunted me the most. It was the waiting. Not knowing. And I suppose that’s why I’m always scared. Always on edge.

© Sarah Doughty

Please, let me wake up.