Spoken Word: Forever Midnight

Poetry, Video

Heya Lovelies,

It feels like forever ago when I asked my good friend Dipendra Tamang to read this piece for me. Longer still, back when I wrote it, it was a means of giving myself permission, so to speak, to accept that my demons are here to haunt me for life. Rather than trying to fight them, I decided to attempt embracing them. I can’t say that I’ve been entirely successful, but it does help.

And though this video was made in dedication to the late Irrfan Khan, it still hits me every time I watch and listen. With luck, if you’re struggling with anything right now, this will offer you a little solace.

Here are the words of the piece:

“I accepted my place in the darkness 
and made it a home.
Still lost, but still home.”

It’s been years since I’ve seen the light of day. Years trapped in a place of perpetual darkness. A forever midnight, under a blanket of stars and among a land with violent creatures that lurk in the shadows. It took time, but I’ve adapted. Now, my eyes can see. Now, my instincts are heightened and I’ve learned to listen to them. Now, I have a place to lay my head to rest. I accepted my place in the dark wood and made it a home. Still lost, but still home.

No matter how hopeless your circumstances seem, there’s a way to adapt, there’s room for hope. Don’t give up.

Until next time,