Earthen Witch, Poetry

Everything You Were

“And I hope you know that you are always
in my heart. I will never forget
everything you were to me.”

Late at night, I cannot help but wonder what you might think of the choices I have made. If you think I have actually lived as we once dreamed. If perhaps you think I have taken a wrong path along the way. But since I am now in a future you will never experience, I can rely on no one than myself and the memory of you to try to find my way through this unknown. I can only hope you can forgive me for trying. And I hope you know that I will always have a place for you in my heart and I will never forget everything you were to me.

© Sarah Doughty

Because you were everything
I ever hoped to love.

Inspired by the hero
of my next novel of the
Earthen Witch Universe series.

Earthen Witch, Poetry

Wandering This Earth

“Without you, I wonder if I am destined
to wander this earth without
a true sense of direction or home.”

After all these countless nights without you by my side, I feel like I am sleep walking. Just wandering around without a destination. The memories of us haunt me everywhere I go, and I cannot help but wonder if I will always be haunted by the time we spent together. The time I was happy. And perhaps it is my curse. My reminder of the years I have lived. Knowing that the best of them are far behind me — while I am destined to wander this earth without a true sense of direction or a true feeling of home.

© Sarah Doughty

This is the price
of losing you.

Inspired by the hero
of my next novel of the
Earthen Witch Universe series.

Earthen Witch, Poetry

Moonlight Sonata

“It was then that I remembered
how much my heart could love.”

Ghosts of silhouettes danced on the wall where the pale moonlight cast its light through the window. It was an unheard melody, but the synchronization made me feel as though I could imagine the tempo, the chords playing on a quartet of cello, violins, and piano. It was slow, like a sonata. A gentle, sad little dance that left me feeling empty with longing. It was as if it was a memory I couldn’t quite grasp with my fingertips. And the more I tried to focus, the more distant that tug of a memory became.

So instead, I watched as those shadows continued to dance and allowed my eyes to drift closed. In my sleep, my heart ached for the love that was lost long ago. Yet somehow, knowing it was once me. Dancing through the night with my beloved. In another lifetime. A happier one. Before I awoke the following morning, I could see my beloved’s serene face, looking at me with adoration. It was then that I remembered. It was then that I realized how much my heart could love another. And as the dawn crept over the horizon, I felt my heart breaking all over again.

© Sarah Doughty

And every night,
like a broken record,
I remembered.

A little something
from a fan-favorite character
in my books.
Can you guess who it is?

Earthen Witch, Poetry

Finding Home With Him

“With every cell in my body, every beat
of my heart, I knew I found my home.”

Our time together was a culmination of events that I couldn’t deny. I knew, if I didn’t love him before that moment, I fell over the edge into a bottomless ocean that was only for him. I knew I was never going back. So instead of speaking, I kissed him, hard. When my lips collided with his, I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. And his arms tightened around me an instant later.

That was when I knew. With every cell in my body, every beat of my heart, I knew I found my home.

© Sarah Doughty

I knew I found my home.

An excerpt,
slightly adjusted for sharing,
from my first novel, Just Breathe.

Earthen Witch, Poetry

Sacrifice Is In My Blood

“And sometimes a bond like ours
is stronger than blood.”

When it comes to the people I care about, I will fight tooth and nail to help them. However I can. I will sacrifice pieces of myself to lift their spirits. Pieces of myself that I shouldn’t give away. Shouldn’t sacrifice. Because I’m already broken. I’m already divided into my base parts.

But I will be a punching bag, if needed. I will allow those bits to be crushed into dust, if needed. Because that’s how devoted I am when I have someone to call a friend. Someone like you. And when you bleed, I bleed. When you hurt, I hurt, too.

© Sarah Doughty

Sacrifice is in my blood,
and sometimes a bond
is stronger than blood.

The basic premise of this piece
inspired an upcoming novel
I’m preparing to write
in the Earthen Witch universe.

Earthen Witch, Poetry


“And that night, I learned
what it meant to fall in love.”

In the mourning, I knew the truth. It wasn’t something I ever wanted to know. You see, I needed to grieve what was left behind all those years ago. Somehow, along the way, I’d forgotten just how much I’d lost. And I couldn’t help but think all that loss would mean I would lose you too. Who would want to be with someone with so much damage. More than just the physical scars, it went down to the marrow in bones. My emotions were tainted. Mentally, what remained was broken in a way nothing could ever fix. But you stayed. You assured me you would never let me down. That you were by my side for good, no matter how much bad happened.

© Sarah Doughty

That night, I learned
what it meant to have a friend.
I learned what it meant
to fall in love.

Loosely based on the events of my
first novel, Just Breathe.

Earthen Witch, Poetry

At The Heart Of Trouble

“That’s how I knew I was in trouble.
My heart was caught long before
my mind could realize it.”

The more I gave myself time to think, the more I became convinced that I brought this all on myself. It wasn’t just one thing, either. I turned to the one person I thought could help me and what remained of my family. I brought them with me because no one else could. Everyone else was dead. Once we arrived, I realized the gravity of that mistake. The power he effused from his very essence should have been cause enough for concern. But it was the gravity of him. In his gaze. In his body. It was like he was a black hole. Once you were captured by its pull, nothing could ever escape. That’s how I knew I was in trouble. My heart was caught long before my mind could realize it.

© Sarah Doughty

I just hoped it wouldn’t doom us all.

Inspired by my current WIP. Though it’s still in it’s early stages, the characters are beginning to grow louder.

Earthen Witch, Flash and Micro Fiction


“The strong beat and bass guitar filled the air,
drowning out the sounds coming from next door.”

I landed two punches and didn’t miss his intentions with his slowed movements. Salvatore rubbed a hand over his chest and said, “Damn, woman, you sure hit hard.”

“Did I bruise you again?” I asked, smirked, and then pouted. “Poor baby.”

His eyes narrowed but his aura swirled with light blue. “I’ll get you for that.”

I grinned. “Good.”

When we made it back to our suite, Salvatore grinned as I unlocked the door and stepped
inside with him right behind me. His aura flamed with light blue and red.

“What?” I asked cautiously, eyeing his aura as I kicked off my flats.

“Connor and Aisling weren’t kidding when they said they knew everyone could hear them. They don’t seem to care at all.”

I froze and listened. I thought I heard a faint cry, but it could have been my imagination. My eyes flickered up to Salvatore.

He grinned. “Aisling is having a lot of fun at the moment.”

“Oh, my god! I don’t want to hear that. And you don’t need to hear it, either.” I walked to the dresser and picked up my phone. I tapped the screen and turned the volume all the way up.

The strong beat and sounds of a bass guitar filled the air, drowning out the sounds of my best friend and her mate. Hopefully, that was enough to keep Salvatore from hearing them too.

Setting my phone down, I turned around and froze. My werewolf’s head was cocked to the side and he was giving me an expression I couldn’t define.

Realization dawned and my jaw dropped. “Oh, is that too loud? I forget how well you can hear sometimes.”

He didn’t respond at first, he just kept staring at me like a predator stalking its prey. Then he took a step forward.

I took an involuntary step back and realized what I was doing.

Salvatore’s eyes glittered with yellow, but his aura still looked normal, blazing with red. “Paradise Circus?”

My face flushed, and I felt the warmth spread all the way down my neck as I realized what I just did. Not only could Salvatore hear Connor and Aisling in the next suite, but the room itself set him on edge.

And I just turned on my playlist, not thinking how the sexy music would entice him that much more. “Yep, and I happen to like Massive Attack,” I replied, trying to pretend as though I didn’t just trigger him to lose control. “I have a whole playlist like this. Do you like it?”

His red aura was brightening as he took another step toward me and my body was practically vibrating in anticipation of what was about to happen.

“Salvatore?” My voice sounded raspy. To my ears it sounded more like a moan.

“Angela,” he growled.

I took a deliberate step back toward the bathroom, as if I was trying to retreat from him. But I knew what I was doing. I was inciting him. Setting him on edge. On purpose. “Why are you stalking me like I’m something you want to eat?”

© Sarah Doughty

This is a direct excerpt
from my third novel, Home.

Though this novel of the series
follows Angela and Salvatore,
Aisling and Connor still play important roles.
I knew I wanted to include this exerpt
when this song was added
to the November Notes list this year.

It was slightly edited for context.

For day seventeen of November Notes.
Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto remix) by Massive Attack

Earthen Witch, Poetry

Outrunning The Truth

“No matter how far I go,
there’s one thing I cannot escape.
You. And it was never you
I was running from.”

No matter how far I go, there’s one thing I cannot escape. Your voice, calling me home. Your face, pleading for me to stop running. You. The memories of you, how they flood my mind and remind me of everything I have left behind. It’s the worst decision I ever made, to run from you and the reality of what came to pass. But I was strong enough to admit to myself that I couldn’t handle the pain. And I was drowning in it. These bones of mine cannot outrun the truth. Sooner or later even the distance wouldn’t be enough.

© Sarah Doughty

One way or another,
I would have to
face the truth
and that thought
terrified me.

Loosely based on the events of my
upcoming novel, Safe.

This was written for day three
of November Notes.
Bones by Low Roar

Earthen Witch, Poetry

Once Upon A Dream

“I saw him in a dream once.
And I didn’t know how,
but I knew he was the one for me.”

I didn’t know if it was
just a dream, or something more.
But, whatever it was,
I knew it was powerful.
And something I would never forget.
When the day came
that I finally met him,
I wondered why I ever
questioned it. He was
the one for me all along.

© Sarah Doughty

A little something
inspired by my upcoming book,
Stronger Than Blood.