Water Element


“This was my element. My home.
It was the ocean. The sun. You.”

There I was, at the edge of the shore on the beach, the sun creeping above the horizon, blazing across the sky with a couple thousand colors. The water washed over me with every surge. It held me like an embrace, wrapping me in its warm blanket of comfort. I couldn’t help myself. I smiled. This was my element. It was home. It reminded me of the time we spent together. The time we spent, hand in hand, walking along this same stretch of beach. Smiles stretched across our faces. And the laughter. I remember the laughter. When we splashed each other, when you tossed me into the surf and I squealed with elation. Those were the best moments with you. As the tide came in, I made my way back home to find you. To crawl into your arms and let you smell the ocean and sunlight on my skin. After so long, I was home. This was my home.

© Sarah Doughty

This was my home. With you.

In a poetry book I’m working on, Universal Echoes, I delve into the four basic elements —
Earth, Fire, Water, & Air — and the Spirit,
which connects them all together.

Water is associated with the subconscious,
emotions like love, and dreams.
The Remaining (the section on water), focuses on what is —
good or bad — immediately after a life-altering event.


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