Finding My Way


“We were perfect.
Because we were together.”

I think I’m lost without you. The way you used to guide us, like you knew exactly where we needed to be and where we were going. It was perfect. We were perfect. Never a wrong turn, never a place I didn’t want to be. Because we were together. And without you, everything is dark, the roads are twisting and turning, and hope is running out the more life knocks me down.

Yes, I miss you. But I can find my way on my own.

We all experience pain. Heartbreak. Loss. It hurts. And sometimes that pain is unbearable. Just because you can handle your pain better than someone else, it doesn’t mean that person is weak or less of a person. It doesn’t mean the way they feel their pain is any less valid. Accept that people feel and sometimes they can feel a lot. Don’t make things worse by dragging their pain through the mud.

© Sarah Doughty

People feel.
Let them do it their way.
And be there if they need you.

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