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Heya Lovelies,

Here’s Day 4: Writing Space

A lot has changed since last time.

Back in January, one of the prompts asked for a peek at my writing space. Here’s what it looked like:

Pardon the mess…

After COVID began and my son was doing his Zoom meetings at a small desk by the window in our upstairs family room, the best place for me was usually at our game table. But, if I was dealing with a particularly gnarly migraine or wanted to hang out on the couch (behind my chair), I could literally grab my box of writing supplies and go wherever.

Up until the last two weeks, that was my “space”. A small, portable solution. But since everything seemed to be settling in as the new normal and my son is now back in school, I began to crave something a little different.

I still wanted the freedom to move around, but I also wanted a dedicated space to call my own.

It started small, as most things do. First, I found a comfy vintage chair with a pretty yellow fabric at our local thrift store, deposited it near my side of the bed in the corner, and then I forced begged asked my husband to move a bookshelf he made a few years ago against the wall behind it. You know, so it would serve as a nice reading nook.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t practical for writing because I couldn’t manage to create a surface stable enough to hold my iPad and Bluetooth keyboard steady. Even once I snagged myself a Magic Keyboard, that desire kept growing. I wanted something more substantial.

From my comfy perch, I kept eyeing my vintage writing desk sitting against the wall at the other end of the bedroom, unused for years. I kept thinking that if I could sit in that reading nook and be able to write, it would be perfect.

So naturally, I stole borrowed my husband’s tape measure and formulated a plan. I mean, what writer wouldn’t love a space that’s just for them, right? A place to sit and read beside a bookshelf filled to the brim, to get some writing done without facing a wall — to enjoy the natural light (when it’s not threatening to make my head explode) and still be able to look around and enjoy my indoor jungle and various writer paraphernalia as inspiration.

With a functioning layout for our furniture without sacrificing storage, I presented the idea to my husband — and he didn’t look at me like I was nuts. Well, not as much as I expected, anyway.

To my utter surprise, he was fine with my plan, but also, since I’d devised a dedicated space that would allow for the use of power cords, suggested that I could get a computer — one with a bigger screen than my iPad so it would be easier on my eyes and less likely to cause migraines.

The next morning, I got to work and by the end if the day, about 85% of the project was done. There were a few things on my to do list that only my husband could do and he’s been taking his dear sweet time getting those finished (we’re now hovering around 95%, which isn’t bad).

The only change I made was to relocate the yellow chair elsewhere in the house because my writing chair made it a bit redundant. Despite it not being 100% finished, it has still been my happy place and I have a feeling that won’t change anytime soon.

Here’s the new space:

Apologies for the delay in sharing this one.

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