Introducing: Enduring The Flames

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Heya, Lovelies,

I’m so happy to introduce my next novel, Enduring The Flames. This is the beginning of a new series within the Earthen Witch Universe, taking place immediately after the events in Stronger Than Blood.

Introducing: Enduring The Flames
The second book of the Earthen Witch World Novels

The Earthen Witch World Novels are the individual stories of Aisling’s friends, written in their own perspective. Each novel is a standalone, telling the story of one character. The timeline of each novel may overlap or intersect with the main storyline. These novels are also adult urban fantasy romance.

Zoe Kavanaugh never thought she’d have her chance at redemption, but she never stopped trying to find it.

For a witch, Zoe Kavanaugh was a sorry excuse for one. She should have died years ago. Instead, she became a dark witch, died only to be resurrected — not once, but twice — before being restored as a light witch by the first and most powerful Earthen witch to emerge in centuries.

After devoting her new life to help the Earthen and her friends end the chaos ruling the world’s supernatural community, she’s sent to Austria with the notorious Vlad Tepes on an important fact-finding mission. Her job is simple: help Dracula interview a prisoner. She thinks the mystery of how a weak light witch can assist the most infamous and intimidating vampire the world has ever known and navigating her growing attraction to him are her biggest problems. But she should’ve known better. For Zoe, nothing is ever easy.

Coming August 20th!

If you’re as excited as I am, I’d be honored if you take a moment to do any or all of the following:

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Until next time,

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