Review: Rogue, Prisoner, Princess

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Title: Rogue, Prisoner, Princess
Author: Morgan Rice
Series: Of Crowns And Glory, Book Two
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Rating: ⭐️⭐️


Seventeen year old Ceres, a beautiful, poor girl from the Empire city of Delos, finds herself forced, by royal decree, to fight in the Stade, the brutal arena where warriors from all corners of the world come to kill each other. Pitted against ferocious opponents, her chances of survival are slim. Her only chance lies in drawing on her innermost powers, and making the transition, once and for all, from slave to warrior.

Eighteen year old Prince Thanos wakes on the isle of Haylon to discover he has been stabbed in the back by his own people, left for dead on the blood-soaked beach. Captured by the rebels, he must crawl his way back to life, find who tried to assassinate him, and seek his revenge.

Ceres and Thanos, a world apart, have not lost their love for each other; yet the Empire court teems with lies, betrayal and duplicity, and as jealous royals weave intricate lies, they each, in a tragic misunderstanding, are led to believe the other is dead. The choices they make will determine each other’s fate.

Will Ceres survive the Stade and become the warrior she was meant to be? Will Thanos heal and discover the secret being withheld from him? Will the two of them, forced apart, find each other again?

My Thoughts:

I listened to the audiobook, narrated by Wayne Farrell. After the events in book one and subsequent cliffhanger, I wanted to know what happened next. I spent a credit on Audible to listen to this book and I regret it. 

Perhaps it was some of the characters’ inherent idiocy. But most of all, I spent the entirety of the book waiting for the reunion of Ceres and Prince Thanos. This never happened. Ceres didn’t even realize the prince was still alive.

And Thanos. 

The prince was all-in for Ceres and wanted to marry her, despite all the political issues, dangers, and duties. When he finally returns to his home, he accepts that Ceres was gone for good and his former dislike and distrust of Princess Stephania suddenly disappears and he decides it’s fine to both trust and love her. I thought the boy was smarter than that. 

By the time the end came along, I was done. I could only imagine several more books of Thanos and his infuriating relationship with Stephania growing. Meanwhile, Ceres, with this inexplicable magical power, would continue to not know what to do with herself than fight blindly back against the crown. 

Despite the talents of the narrator, this wasn’t enough to overcome the disappointment in the story.  It’s not something I want to continue. However, I may try out a different series from Rice. 

Happy reading!

Until next time,

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