Saturday Snippet – Sight

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Heya Lovelies,

Here’s Day 12 of Fantasy Indies March:
Saturday Snippet – Sight

Featuring Just Breathe

The werewolf.

A growl, deep and throaty, erupted from my
lips and I shook my head violently. Dizzy, I
looked down at the bloody mess of the
remaining bits of a field rabbit that still
lingered on my tongue. A pair of white, blood
stained paws peeked out at the base of my
vision. Anger washed over me and red
blanketed everything I could see before I tossed my head up into the air and howled.

The howl in my throat tasted like the moon — I
didn’t know the moon had a taste or how I
knew what it was, but I understood it on some
basic level and it sounded even better. The
cadence of the dual notes escaping my lips
made my fur stand on end, and my skin felt
like it oozed with life. It was both amazing and

© Sarah Doughty

On Twitter, I‘m taking part in another fiction prompt during the month of March. I’m sharing them here as well.

Stronger Than Blood is the latest installment of the Earthen Witch universe, following Marcy and Liam’s journey is now available.

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Snippet – Sight

    1. Oooh thank you! I really liked that as well. There’s always been a connection of the full moon with werewolves in lore, but since my world doesn’t follow most of the traditional “rules”, I wanted to show a connection between the two — especially since the moon is what grants witches their magic.

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