Stronger Than Blood Is Now On Smashwords

Earthen Witch, Updates

The Earthen Witch universe continues with Marcelline’s journey. It is here and always free!

Distribution to retailers is pending, so I’ll send out links once they’re all available.

Introducing the Earthen Knight Novels.

The Earthen Knight Novels are an adult urban fantasy romance series featuring Voodoo practitioner Marcelline “Marcy” Webster and vampire Liam, written from Marcy’s perspective. The mystery of Aisling Green’s world deepens with the discovery of what runs in Marcy’s veins. But that is only the beginning. If Aisling is going to succeed in her quest in reuniting the supernatural world, she’ll need Marcy’s help.

Voodoo practitioner Marcy Webster thought her family’s massacre was the biggest of her worries when she flees New Orleans. But when she seeks asylum with the vampire known as Liam, she learns the truth goes much deeper.

Raised by extended family in extreme poverty under the rule of New Orleans’ sadistic Voodoo Queen, Marcy Webster dreams of a better life for her family so they can live — and practice their own form of Voodoo — in peace. After the queen is killed, Marcy’s family is massacred by one gunman in the historic French Quarter. She’s forced to flee the city with her three younger cousins with the shooter in pursuit.

Armed with nothing more than a name — a vampire known as Liam living in Nashville, Indiana, an injured Marcy travels there with her cousins in hopes of finding the only people she believes might be willing to offer them asylum. The last thing she expects when they arrive is to recognize Liam as the man that’s haunted her dreams for as long as she can remember. But with Voodoo attacking by day, nightmares taunting by night, and her would-be killer closing in, that’s the least of her problems. Discovering the answers to why everything is happening is all written in her blood. Will she be able to face the man hunting her, embrace her own unique abilities to protect herself and keep the ones she loves safe before it’s too late?

New to the universe?
I’ve got you covered.

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