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Here’s Day 25: Books with good magical systems

The fluidity of it.

Magic is fluid. It’s part intentional (spells) and part emotional, weaving between the two in perfect unison.

The best examples are chaos in the Witcher series world by Andrzej Sapkowski, & the one in the A Discovery Of Witches series by Deborah Harkness — exploring how every one is unique with their power.

When I developed the magical system in my books, I tried to stay true to that concept. Not every typical witch is the same with their abilities, but it all boils down to that fluid balance. When it comes to Earthens, they’re the exception to the rule, relying only on their emotion to will their magic to life.

On Twitter, I’ve been taking part in my first-ever fiction prompt during the month of January. I’m sharing them here as well.

Stronger Than Blood is the latest installment of the Earthen Witch universe, following Marcy and Liam’s journey. It will be released on Smashwords and their network of retailers on February 20th.

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