Feature Friday – TBR Authors

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Heya Lovelies,

Here’s Day 14: Feature Friday

Featuring authors coming up on my TBR list.

Chesney Infalt – The Heart Of The Sea
Kat Kinney – Dark
Katherine MacDonald – The Rose & The Thorn
Michele Quirke – The Fires Of Treason
Rosalyn Briar – A Sea Of Pearls & Leaves
K. Dezendorf – The Wayfinder’s Apprentice
E. P. Stavs – The Marked Princess
Grace Draven – Radiance
Adam Knight – Overdrive
Cat Rector – The Goddess Of Nothing
And more!

On Twitter, I’ve been taking part in my first-ever fiction prompt during the month of January. I’m sharing them here as well.

Stronger Than Blood is my latest installment of the Earthen Witch universe, following Marcy and Liam’s journey. Coming February 20th.

Until next time,

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