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Heya Lovelies,

Here’s Day 12: Favorite notebooks

I was a serial collector.

I used to be a big fan of basic spiral notebooks. But these days, I use Rocketbooks. In my writing box, I have:

  • 2 flips in letter & executive sizes
  • 1 mini
  • 1 panda planner
  • cloud cards
  • beacons

The fact that they’re infinitely reusable is a big plus for sustainability. Not to mention, I can write in ink and still erase any mistakes I make along the way. When I’m done, I can scan them and erase to have a clean slate.

On Twitter, I’ve been taking part in my first-ever fiction prompt during the month of January. I’m sharing them here as well.

Stronger Than Blood is the latest installment of the Earthen Witch universe, following Marcy and Liam’s journey. It will be released on Smashwords and their network of retailers on February 20th.

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