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Not-So-Pet Cat

Heya Lovelies,

On Twitter, I’ve been taking part in my first-ever fiction prompt during the month of January. As promised, I’m back with today’s prompt.

Day 10: Pets in WIP

In my Earthen Witch universe, a pet is a rather loose term.

Enduring The Flames mentions Bugs in passing, but he’s in my other books — with a stronger role in Home.

A Russian Blue cat, grey coat, vivid green eyes. 3000+ years old.

Can sometimes be seen as a Sphinx — a full-sized lion with a human face and wings on his back.

You know, the usual.

Stronger Than Blood is the latest installment of the Earthen Witch universe, following Marcy and Liam’s journey. It will be released on Smashwords and their network of retailers on February 20th.

Until next time,

3 thoughts on “Not-So-Pet Cat”

  1. I had a stinky Irish Wolfhound show up at the main character’s door with a runaway who used to be a neighbor of the MC. He couldn’t find its owner and kept it. You almost need to a Robert Louis Stevenson gene to write pets.

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