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Fantasy Indies January

Heya Lovelies,

On Twitter, I’ve been taking part in my first-ever fiction prompt during the month of January. I’m loving it so far. Of course, I didn’t even realize that I wasn’t sharing the responses here, so I must remedy this problem.

But first, the prompts.

Rather than starting at day one and just being several days behind, I’m going to do a week one wrap-up. And then start tomorrow with daily posts. 

Day 1: Introduce yourself & WIP

I’ve always craved the escape books could offer me. That’s why I started writing adult urban fantasy romance.

I’m currently editing the 6th novel of my Earthen Witch series. It involves finding happiness and redemption, despite the darkness of the past.

Day 2: Goals for this year

My goals for this year:
– plot, draft, & edit new MS
– finish editing & publish 2 WIPs
– help friends with their book covers
– help friends with their editing
– read more indie authors 
– write and share reviews

Day 3: First line in WIP

Everything around me was shrouded in darkness, but somehow, I recognized what was happening. It wasn’t the first time and I knew it wouldn’t be my last. —from Stronger Than Blood, coming in February.

Morbid fascination held me in its grip as I watched the melee in front of me. They were moving faster than my human eyes could follow, but I could see enough. —from Enduring The Flames, coming in August.

Day 4: Favorite writing quote

Everything you can imagine is real. —Pablo Picasso. 

Day 5: One project at a time or multiple?

With my own work, I only do one project at a time. Since it’s an ongoing series, I don’t want to mess up timelines. If I’m helping others with their projects (like book covers or editing) I can do more than one at a time. 

Day 6: Dangers/obstacles in WIP

Danger? Everywhere. The biggest being an antagonist trying to start a war over an old grudge, not caring who dies along the way. 

That, and the redemption arc in Enduring The Flames.

Day 7: Feature Friday

The first Friday feature feature has to be L. V. Russell — @fey_girl63 on Twitter. I finished Darling, There Are Wolves In The Woods a few days ago and LOVED it, and I’m almost halfway through Hush, The Woods Are Darker Still. Stay tuned for a review.

There you have it. From here, I’ll share these little prompts daily.

Until next time,

25 thoughts on “Fantasy Indies January”

  1. These are awesome prompts! I enjoyed reading your answers to this group. Those two books you chose for Feature Friday look very interesting. I LOVE the titles. If I saw them in a bookstore, I’d pick them up to see what they were all about.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right?! I don’t like judging books by their covers, but sometimes I see one that catches my eyes and I stop to look. Beautiful cover, lovely title, and interesting premise—count me in!


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