Safe Is Now Available

Earthen Witch, Updates

The Fourth Installment of the Earthen Witch Novels is Here!
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A formidable foe crashing Aisling Green’s wedding day turns out to be the least of her worries when tragedy forces her to question everything she knows.

The blows keep coming from all directions as Earthen witch Aisling Green grapples with the aftermath of a tragic day. Feeling her heart shattering over and over as a result is more than she can bear, so she makes a decision that will redefine her future.

She must carry unbearable emotional wounds, protect those she loves, and rescue a helpless victim from his would-be murderers — all while facing the looming threat of a powerful new enemy. Aisling’s mere existence has already cost her dearly, but more than ever, the heavy price of her survival is proving to be more than she can bear. Will Aisling find the strength to keep fighting?


An excerpt from a review of Just Breathe:

“How is it possible I didn’t know that Kim Harrison and J.R. Ward had a secret love-child who goes by the name Sarah Doughty? I have no idea, but I’m glad to finally be in on the secret…”
Ian Gregoire, author of the Legends of The Order series

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