Almost Lovers

“Don’t you see? I loved you before I knew you.
And I’m haunted by what made us real.”

Everything reminds me of you. The breeze in my hair, the twinkling stars, the way we’d laugh and talk about everything and nothing. I felt alive, open, and free, uninhibited by the cruel world. And I know you felt the same. But then the harsh realities set in and I fled. Now I’m left with nothing but those memories and countless questions of what ifs and what could have beens. What if I had the courage to stay? Would we have lasted until we were wrinkled and gray? Would you have continued to make my heart race as only you could? As much as I try not to think of you, I can’t help myself. I’m haunted by all those small things that made us real. When the breeze flows through my hair, I feel you there. It reminds me of all we shared — the good and the bad. I know I wouldn’t trade what we shared for anything. And that thought makes me smile.

© Sarah Doughty

I loved you
before I knew you.

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