The Greatest Lesson

“And I learned to dream with my eyes open.
I learned what it meant to love you.”

After what felt like an eternity in some hellish nightmare, I emerged into the morning with fresh eyes and tortured memories. As my teachers filled my head with stories, introducing me to a bright green world of escape, I learned to dream with my eyes open. And then I poured out everything that littered my mind and heart. Anything that screamed as it moved through my veins. But what I learned to listen to the most were the whispers that came from the shadows. The ones that hoped for a better future.

When love found me in that neverending dreamland, I knew it by many names. A guide, a star-crossed lover, a utopia, a dystopia, an immortal soul, and a mortal one. I read epic tales of adventures, great loves, and great losses. I read about life.

But the greatest thing I ever learned was what true love really means. From one soul to another, a bond that could melt icebergs, or cool the high seas. One that would withstand both space and time. It was not bound by gender or a question of right or wrong. It was — and is — true. The way one should love another.

You see, I learned what it meant to love you.

© Sarah Doughty

And every path led me straight to you.

Prompt: Men Explain Things To Me
hosted by the amazing Christine
at Brave And Reckless.

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