The Lasting Kind

“Don’t you see? I loved you.
But we were never meant to last.”

Don’t you see? We were never meant to last. Telling half-truths and hoping for a better future, one that would move mountains to bring us together. In my naïvety, I believed they were truth. And I let you in. I let you see my heart. I let you in. I wanted to love you with abandon, and though I did love you, somewhere along the way, rationality kicked in and I saw each and every flaw of us. So I let the end come. And tore my heart out in the process. Sometimes I wonder, if I remained in that steadfast state of dreaming of what we could be, what would we have been? Could we have found our way to each other?

© Sarah Doughty

These things, especially in the quiet,
are what haunt me the most.
I wonder what I lost.

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