Second Chances

“My love, if I ever get a second chance,
I’ll keep my promise and keep you afloat.”

I remember the cadence of your voice. Traveling through the night. Carrying itself on the wind. And sometimes I think I still hear it. Especially in those moments when my heart hurts so much that I’m certain it’ll shatter into a million pieces inside my chest. All these emotions, these thoughts, pull me down. I call out for you, hoping against hope that you’ll answer and step out from the shadows. That you’ll smile at me and I’ll see the tiny wrinkles at the corners of your eyes. That smile that was always meant for me. And I hope, if my wish ever comes true, that I’ll be able to promise you that I’ll never fail you again. I’ll fight to keep you afloat.

© Sarah Doughty

It’s my biggest regret.
Knowing I let you down
and I watched you
fade away.

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