Sirens At Sea

“Like a siren pulling me out to sea,
all I can do is hope that I’ll find
something beautiful. Hopeful.
Like you.”

I feel this residual memory tugging at the back of my mind like a bird trying to catch a worm after a mid-summer thunderstorm. It’s one of those knocking, ever-present forces that I’m unsure if I ever want to know. Like a stranger knocking at the door. You never know what you’ll find if you answer it. But yet, no matter how much I resist, it’s as if my feet are moving toward that door of their own accord. Like a siren is pulling me out to sea. All I can do is watch. And wait. And hope that what waits on the other side is something beautiful. Something that gives me hope. Like you.

© Sarah Doughty

Just like you.

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