Open Book

“My eyes are an open book,
and if you dare to know the stories,
you’ll see how much I have to say.”

Someone once told me that my eyes didn’t look so much like the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on a sunny, winter day, but that my eyes could hold a galaxy in them. All the colors, blue into green, flecks of yellow, all blended together to look like a far off place full of light, stars, hope, and wonder. That’s what my eyes said through their colors. But looking deeper, in the center that looks directly into my soul, there’s depths that not everyone would want to venture. There’s desperation, heartache, pain, and helplessness. But there’s also a fierce determination to not let it be the defining feature. You see, my eyes are like an open book, and if you dare to know the stories that lie within, you’ll see just how much will I have to fight back against all the things that have or will ever try to hold me down.

© Sarah Doughty

That’s who I am.
So take me or leave me.

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