“I knew empathy. Right and wrong.
And I knew I wasn’t broken after all.”

I always wondered what it would feel like if I would survive the hell I knew as a child. I wondered if I’d know the true meaning of love. If I’d be the kind of person to become a parent. But not just any parent. One that would truly care and love that human being with every fiber of my being. I wondered how much of me was actually inhereted from the man that dedicated so much time hurting me when I was young. But I made a vow to become nothing like him. That I would overcome him and be everything he never could be. And despite the fact that he fooled so many people, I came out the other side intact. I came out with a strong sense of empathy. Of right and wrong. That was when I knew he didn’t break me after all.

© Sarah Doughty

I was too strong for that.

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