“I am not bound by labels. I choose
the ones I accept. And so can you.”

I am a paradox, a walking contradiction.
Lost but found. Broken but whole.
Haunted but free. Loved and hated.
But I’m also part cliché.
For I love the moon and the stars
and the infinity of nothing in between.
For I love the fires burning in autumn,
the wind’s whispers against my back,
the water that envelopes me
and welcomes me home,
and the earth that keeps my feet
on the ground while my head
reaches the clouds, daring to dream.
Although I can be fit into labels
as easily as my own skin,
I am not bound by them.
I choose the ones I accept now.
Because I can. And so can you.

© Sarah Doughty

Only define yourself for who you are.

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