Wayward Souls

“What were there odds of us —
our wayward souls finding each other?”

Maybe it was fate that found us together that night. Or maybe it was chance. Just hearts calling out through the darkness hoping someone — anyone — would answer. What were the odds, I wonder, that two wayward souls would manage to find two empty seats just waiting to be taken? What were the odds that I would find you sitting there, as if you were waiting for me?

© Sarah Doughty

If that’s not fate,
I don’t know what to call it.

2 thoughts on “Wayward Souls”

  1. Love this. ❤

    It deeply expresses love, like an absence is being filled with a presence. Love occupies the dark space with light.

    Careful, though. Because, when it might be lost, you will still feel that presence. I know I have…

    However, even when the person has just left the room, you still feel their presence lingering. Whether in scents, or in a phantom.


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