“And my love, please remember that
you mean everything to me.”

It was the sound of your laugh. How it would echo through the air like an eagle soaring through the sky. It was the sparkle in your eyes. How you wouldn’t hide who you were. And the concept of wearing a false mask was unknown to you. Those are the moments that make me pause. I wonder how long you’ll still know pure joy. I wonder if you’ll get lucky and never know what it feels like to have your heart broken. I wonder if you’ll know, sixty years from now, that I loved you with everything I had. And know, that I tried. Tried to keep you safe but not caged. And know, that I tried to let you know each and every day how much you meant to me. That you meant everything to me.

So please remember this: you mean everything to me.

© Sarah Doughty

Because you do.
And long after I’m gone,
my love will still linger.

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